USFWS Report on Zones and splits

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USFWS Report on Zones and splits

Postby feathhd » Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:50 pm ... 202011.pdf

If you read the full content of this link many who may have reservations about changes or additional zones may in fact recognize the benefits of doing so.

I further wish to request that folks make serious Note to the comments the USFWS added to the suggestion option of removing zones and splits. This should not be something to take lightly. Last summer what was being suggested even though we have a 2 zone structure state was a season that started and ended on the same day in both zones. Read the comments of the USFWS on the negatives of removing zones or splits.

What is said should give others who attend NRC meetings proof as to why we as a state should never ever open and close our zones on the same days. PERIOD ANY RECOMENDATION FOR SUCH A THING SHOULD GO RIGHT INTO THE TRASH CAN!

Presently as a 2 zone state or a 3 zone state this will have to be made clear and put to rest as final. Why? So we do not have to waste so much of our limited debate time arguing over the same issue year in and year out.

Its a good read for those who have questions about zones, splits and benefits.
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