2012 Puts Dove Hunting in Iowa back on the battle front

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2012 Puts Dove Hunting in Iowa back on the battle front

Postby feathhd » Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:43 pm

Bellow is some information about the Attack that is going to be made on Iowa Sportsmen & Dove hunting. This is also my letter to you to advise that you contact your legislative Representative or Senator who represents you in DM at the Capitol. Tell them to deffend Iowa Sportsmens Opportunity to hunt doves.

Well, anyway folks the ball is now in your court to defend your ability to Hunt doves in Iowa. Do not take this lightly.

Dear Friends,

I'm sorry this message is reaching you so close to Tuesday evening's caucuses. But the caucuses provide us with a great opportunity to keep the issue of dove hunting in front of the public - and the politicians. I encourage everyone to take a resolution to your caucus - Republican or Democratic - asking for the legislative repeal of the authorization for a dove hunting season.

Typically, resolutions are not debated at the caucuses. Usually all of them are just passed on to the platform committees at the county convention. So taking a "resolution" to your caucus can be as easy as dropping it in a box. Or, you could get creative and make it a petition and ask other caucus-goers to sign on. If any reporters or press are there, you could talk to them about the issue - and why Iowans are upset about it.
A written resolution (one wording suggestion below) would be best. Make a few copies to hand around. What we want is for "the sentiment" against dove hunting to be noticed by both political parties. If it appears at numerous caucuses around the state, it will be noticed! If you can't (or don't want to) go to the caucuses, consider passing this idea on to a friend or neighbor who is planning to go. It just takes one person to introduce a resolution at a caucus.

Our opposition - which is really pretty limited to those who hunt doves and the ammunition industry - would like to convince everyone that "this issue has been settled once and for all" by last year's legislative chicanery. There is no reason we should accept this at all! I first fought with Gladys Black on this in the mid-70's. I have no intention of giving up.

To get the attention of legislators, you have to let them know that you are not happy. You don't have to be angry about it - in fact, it's better if you aren't - but you have to let them know you want this changed. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and we're going to have to start squeaking.
I have spoken to many of you who are receiving this email by phone. If I've got your email address in error - and you do not want to receive emails on this issue - please let me know and I will remove your address from the list. This list will not be shared. Period.
But feel free to share this email with anyone you feel would like to participate in the ongoing effort to repeal dove hunting. And tell them to contact me, too. All feedback on these strategies will be helpful.

Jim Walters
Iowa Dove Coalition
BE IT RESOLVED: That the Iowa Legislature repeal the authorization it gave the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to establish a hunting season on mourning doves, and that this species be restored to the protections it had under state law from 1918 to 2010.
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