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quick question

Postby feathhd » Mon May 21, 2012 12:22 am

Quick question regarding Federal Duck Stamp Bill proposal in Congress. The bill is long over due as the federal duck stamp has not seen an increase in a very long time. A 1 raised 10 years ago does not do the same amount of work Today. However based on what I think to be an uphill battle over the Bill, it could, I think be accomplished with a simple supplemental revenue support for one of the Federal Farm Bill's major conservation programs that are vital to ducks, duck hunters and clean water. WRP in all states.

If the fee is raised to $25 dollars as is suggested in the Bill, what is your thoughts to $1 dollar of that fee increase going to ,supplement funding with in the Farm Bill for WRP?

Second part of the Hook is that said revenues utilized to supplemental support WRP conservation on the private landscape should be granted to Landowners who seek said support but agree to allow Public Waterfowling access to said WRP projects. These revenue could be used as a tool if you will to increase incentive structure.

One of the greatest issues facing Waterfowlers across the country is Access. This $1 dollar supplemental funding source would greatly help states increase not only wetland habitat but also waterfowler access.

Killing 3 birds with one stone. Finally a supplemental source of revenues to support one of our greatest conservation programs in History, WRP, Restore more wetlands with in states and provide increased access to said acres for the public waterfowler.

Said supplemental revenues gained by this process should be accessed every 5 years and distributed through the present process of WRP funding. Maybe U.S PPR states in general should obtain a little higher status as priority.

What's your thoughts on this guys?

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