USFWS Planning to strip Iowa of its 2 Million federal Duck S

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USFWS Planning to strip Iowa of its 2 Million federal Duck S

Postby feathhd » Sat May 26, 2012 8:40 am

USFWS is planning to take Iowa's present 2 million dollars it obtains as a Duck production state from the federal Duck stamp program. This effort would leave Iowa's PPJV, Duck production region empty of resources needed to maintain Iowa's efforts to restore vital Duck production habitat and it's ability to meet the needs of the states waterfowlers.

If the above is allowed to happen and our DC Senators & Representatives do not stop the USFWS from taking Iowa's present 2 million Federal Duck Stamp dollars. I will seek and request that OUR IDNR stop managing ALL USFWS acres in Iowa and force the USFWS to manage their own lands. Upon that I will seek and request further support that seeks that our IDNR waterfowl Biologist an associated experts STOP doing the waterfowl transect survey in Iowa's PPJV region, MIND YOU AGAIN WITH VERY LITTLE ASSISTANCE OR STAFF SUPPORT FROM THE USFWS. If they need that information as part of NAWMP, maybe the USFWS should consider sending staff to conduct the sob and pay for it all.

At the present OUR IDNR manages and patrols, post signs etc on a lot of USFWS facilities in the state and with that comes a lot of Iowa sportsmen revenues to boot. If the USFWS takes Iowa's 2 million in federal duck stamp allocations. THE USFWS will have to send their own people to manage their lands, patrol them and post them. We simply cannot do their job for them without any support and take care of our own state public facilities.
This effort that is taking place with in the USFWS and other is right on the heels of others looking to increase Iowa's NAWCA match ration putting Iowa and Iowa duck hunters at even a much larger disadvantage when competing for federal NAWCA grant dollars. Many other states have a far greater population pool if you will to meet NAWCA match ratios and many more NGO partnerships.

I know Iowa would not be alone in this struggle and the purpose or I should say intent is very simple to understand.
If ND & SD NAWCA match ratio is strait up 1 to 1 and many other states see a NAWCA match ratio increase to 3 to 1 or even 4 to 1, it about drives the last nail in the coffin for many states who are doing their part to restore North Americas Wetlands. You notice I use the word North America Wetlands? I didn't say SD ,ND wetlands alone.

That was Not the Purpose or INTENT OF NAWCA and nor should it be today or in the future but if that effort comes to pass , that is EXACTLY what will happen.

Further more for anyone who may question the validity of what I am saying here today, let me also remind you that Iowa is ranked number 8 when raising Funds for Ducks Unlimited. With that said each and every Iowa waterfowler who has serious concern over what I said in this letter should at least give their DU rep a call and find out if what I say is true or Not. Ask them who is leading this onslaught and who are the supporters behind the measure?

Last make sure you give your IOWA DC Senator & Representative a call and tell them you do not support the USFWS efforts to take Iowa's 2 million dollars of federal duck stamp revenues. Tell them you do not and will not support any effort what so ever to raise Iowa's NAWCA match ratio.
After all, You buy the same duck stamp as everyone else and your also in a known Duck production state.
I will dig up and old article about NAWMP and the Atlantic Flyway agreement over the U.S. PPR. It's way past time to call A SPADE A SPADE FOLKS.

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