Epic Battle to Save 4 million dollars for Iowa PPJV wetlands

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Epic Battle to Save 4 million dollars for Iowa PPJV wetlands

Postby feathhd » Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:17 am

Good afternoon folks.

I wish this was one of my typical e mails but it's not. We are facing some of the most crippling action by the USFWS and other that will strip Iowa of its annual 2 million dollars of federal duck stamp revenues and at the same time re-write the NAWCA match ratio rules that raises the match ratio states who are not a known duck production region have to come up with in order to compete for federal NAWCA grant revenues.

I know your asking yourself right now, hey Bill we are a Duck Production state and we are in the known duck production Priority region. At this moment and in the days and weeks to come there will be an effort that puts us as a state and as waterfowlers on the outside looking in.

1. A new revised NAWMP would seek to redefine Today's Duck Production Priority Region. Iowa's PPJV region will not be in it.

2. With that out of the way, a revised New federal Duck stamp allocation will put 70% of all revenues gained from the federal duck stamp into the NEW re-defined Duck Production Priority region. This will not include Iowa's known PPJV duck production region.

3. That action would then allow the USFWS to take Iowa's present 2 million in federal Duck stamp revenues and place them in the New redefined priority region of the Dakotas. Iowa's PPJV duck production region obtains zero support.

4. Action at the same time is being taken to re-define the federal NAWCA match ratios for non priority duck production states. With the above action in place, that would put Iowa in said category.

5. At this time as a known priority region we obtain 7 points in the ranking process for NAWCA grants. We would loose that not to mention be forced to come up with twice as much non federal match to obtain a NAWCA grant. Basically this action would be the last nail in our waterfowling coffin that would additionally deprive Iowa from another 2 million dollars that does nothing but Enhance, Restore and Permanently protect Vital Duck Production Habitat in Iowa's known PPJV duck production region that is ALL OPEN TO PUBLIC DUCK HUNTING.

6. If the above Actions are not stopped there is No guarantee that in the future we may obtain those valuable resources that Restores valuable duck production habitat in Iowa that at 1 time was estimated to be near 6 million plus acres.

7. The above actions would leave Iowa with less than 800k dollars a year to manage and purchase valuable waterfowl and wetland habitat.

8. On top of all of the above with all revised action plans in place, The USFWS & other NGO are seeking a raise in the federal Duck Stamp fee. From $15 dollars to $25 dollars. Be advised under the new direction of the Federal Duck Stamp revenues and Federal NAWCA grant revenues, IOWA WOULD GET A BIG FAT ZERO. Except the increase in the federal duck stamp. You would end up paying more for less than what you have.

9. With that in place it would be Next to Impossible for our IDNR , OUR waterfowl manager counter parts to suggest an increase in our own state duck stamp due to the financial ramifications associated with the federal stamp increase. Not only would we loose federal revenues but our very own state duck stamp program would become financially inadequate to meet the demands and needs not only on the Iowa landscape but by its very own waterfowling community at large.

What does this mean? It means that their will be No more projects like NC Iowa wetland Project, Eagle Lake, Lost Island, Great Lakes, Cedar -Wapsi Valley Project, Cedar River project, Upper Wapsi Project, Middle Mo. River Project, Yrans tract project, Little Sioux WMA project,East Fork DM River project, Glass WMA project, Christopherson WMA project, Spring Run Wetlands complex project, Burr Oak Lake project,Black Hawk Marsh project, Burrow Pond Boyd tract project, Bluewing Marsh Project, Shimon Marsh project, Kiowa Marsh Project, Union Slough NWR project, Jammerson slough project, Dan green slough project, Dry Mud Lake project, Otranto Wildlife area project, Little Wapsi River project, Wapsi Greenbelt Project, Shell Rock WMA project, Brett Kilma WMA project, Dudgeon Lake project, Chain O Lakes Project, Muskrat Slough Project, Martinsen Project.

What I just rattled off folks are 2 separate NAWCA grants that have bought, enhanced, restored , protected vital waterfowl habitat in Iowa. We have a choice folks, Continue to support that level of restoration , recovery and protection or simply do nothing and watch them take our revenues and opportunities away from us that leaves nothing but a black plowed under landscape! All except a $25 dollar Federal Duck Stamp in your pocket.

Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association stands fully committed to protecting and securing these valuable resources so that the future of your kids and grand kids can inherit a much better waterfowling landscape than what we had. We stand committed to standing by our IDNR who have been personally responsible for these projects and assuring that Iowa and Iowa waterfowlers have a shot Improving not only our waterfowl habitat but our waterfowl hunting Opportunities. Folks like IDNR NAWCA grant writer Todd Bishop who has been one of our states Best assets in achieving Thousands of acres of Restore & protected waterfowl habitat in Iowa. Folks like Chief Fish & Wildlife Director Dale Garner who weighs in on the importance of said restoration and protection efforts in Iowa. I ask you to stand with us in this epic battle and Contact these DC policy staffers who are current based on Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Associations Federal Inquiry on the issues this past Tuesday.

Tell them you do not and will not Support any effort by the USFWS to redefine what is the Priority Duck Production Region. Tell them that you will not Support the efforts of the USFWS that seeks to raise the federal duck stamp fee to $25 dollars if Iowa looses its annual 2 million dollars in federal duck stamp revenues. Tell then you will not and do not support any effort what so ever to raise that NAWCA match ratio criteria for non priority states if Iowa is excluded for the revised priority region. Tell them that you will not except anything less than our PPJV regions present status as a Priority Region.

In closing I leave you with this Final nail. This whole revised plan from Top to Bottom will spend the vast majority of the said funneled revenues into 30 year easement agreements. That's it folks, spend the money, raise the fee, take our share so that 30 years from now we will not have anything to show for it except an empty bank account and easement acres susceptible for conversion. Very much like what has happened to CRP. At least in Iowa's PPJV region we are spending those Valuable Resources to permanently protect vital waterfowl habitat. Now that folks is preserving the future of wetlands and waterfowling in permanent fashion.

Pass this release onto your hunting buddies all over Iowa. If we are to effectively put this fire out,, we must stomp it out early before it gets out of control.

Contact :

James_Rice@grassley.senate.gov Senator Chuck Grassleys Policy Advisor

nathan_vanderplaats@harkin.senate.gov Senator Tom Harkins Regional Advisor <--Duck Hunter

Thomas.Binion@mail.house.gov Representative Steve Kings Policy Advisor <--- Duck Hunter

and your own Senator or Representative as well if not listed here.

Here you thought I was going to be brief! LMAO

We would support a revised NAWMP that maintains Iowa's PPJV Region as a Priority with in the known duck factory, We would support a federal formula allocation shift of 70% to the Duck Production Priority region if Iowa is included. We would support a NAWCA match ratio increase for Non Duck Production states as long as Iowa's PPJV region remains to be a priority duck production region and doesn't loose said status. We would support the present allocation of federal duck stamp revenues that Iowa obtains. Anything less than that is UNEXCEPTABLE!


Feel free to call me if you have questions


712-253-0363 c

712 274-3343 h

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