3rd zone Supporters Have been Lied To Action

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3rd zone Supporters Have been Lied To Action

Postby feathhd » Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:13 am

Public Waterfowling Notice we have been deceived Again.
I write this Notice to ALL waterfowlers who Supported a 3rd zone in Iowa.

I was contacted Friday by a good friend who said to me what's going on Bill I thought the 3rd zone was a done deal. My reply obviously was it is, the NRC voted on it and the Mo. River zone was passed. So not even a day later I get another call from a South West Iowa Duck hunter with the same question. I now start thinking what gives. Something is wrong and sure enough we have problems.

It seems to be that in the last final moments last month an effort by a Club Owner who has a club east of HWY 29 and one west of 29 has lead a last minute maneuver to throw out the General Public input which overwhelmingly supported a 3rd zone in Iowa, only to inject club owners of south west Iowa who have been mislead with a lot of misinformation by this 1 club owner.
It appears that the 3rd zone boundary line that was voted on and approved by the NRC commission back in April has been changed again and the line pushed further north just south of Sioux City region to accommodate the few club owners wishes over that of the General Public.

I do not Support this change as it did not involve any notice to the public to which it would effect and nor did it involve public comment as is part of the standard public input process.
To all 3rd zone supporters in Iowa, I ask you to stand with us to root out those who have Violated OUR PUBLIC TRUST! This can not be allowed to stand nor is it acceptable.

Contact all NRC members, Contact IDNR director Chuck Gipp, contact Dale Garner and advise them, that you do not approve of the actions taken that have purposely deceived we the general Public, only to benefit the Private entity.
I had to be the 1st to tell everyone I have been fooled , you have been fooled and that I do not and will not Support said boundary line changes. This was not what was voted on, this was not put before us for public input.

Bill Smith
Sioux City Iowa
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