Fund Raiser for Chichaqua Well

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Fund Raiser for Chichaqua Well

Postby feathhd » Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:06 pm

For more information contact
Doug Sheeley,
Natural Resource Supervisor
Donation Form
City, State, Zip:______________________
Donation Amount: ________
Contributions can be mailed to:
Polk County Conservation
c/o Chichaqua Well Fund
11407 NW Jester Park Drive
Granger, IA 50109
Credit cards will also be accepted by calling 515-323-5300.

Waterfowl hunting is not the only service
provided by the controlled marsh. In 1974, a
technical dog training area was constructed
in the northeast corner of the marsh to better
meet the needs of another long-term partner
at Chichaqua Bottoms – dog trainers. Th is
area features manmade islands, dikes and
peninsulas designed to provide a high-quality
experience for both novice and advanced
Th e controlled marsh also provides habitat
for a variety of wildlife including shorebirds,
otters, pheasant, deer and spring migrating
waterfowl, just to name a few.
Questions and Answers
Q. I have been paying blind rental fees for
years. Can’t some of this money be used to
pay for a new well?
A. Blind fees, like all revenue generated by
Polk County Conservation (e. g. camping
fees, shelter rental, etc.) are not retained by
our department, but are transferred to a general
Q. Since there are two wells at the marsh,
why not just use the other one? Is it still
working OK?
A. Keep in mind that having two wells to
serve the marsh is by design. Th at is, a single
well cannot provide suffi cient water to adequately
fl ood the entire area for waterfowl
hunting. In addition, the well we propose to
replace (west) serves the technical dog training
marsh as well. Because of its distance, it
would be diffi cult or impossible to use the
east well to fl ood the training area.
Q. Shouldn’t Polk County Conservation pay
the cost of this repair? It is their facility and
they are a taxpayer supported entity. Isn’t
that what we pay taxes for?
A. Polk County Conservation will provide
funding and other resources to drill and
furnish the new well. However, it does not
have the resources to complete the entire
project alone. Like all public agencies, we
must prioritize our spending. We hope that
the passion our user groups have for their
pastimes will provide impetus to donate for
this worthy cause.
Unfortunately, the continued viability of these
popular hunting activities is in jeopardy. One of
the 40 year old wells is failing and
we need your
help to drill and install a new one.
Despite a fi ve-year pattern of extremely heavy
precipitation, output for one of the two wells
(west) at the controlled marsh has been
declining. Recent well redevelopment eff orts
have yielded little or no improvement in its
Polk County Conservation is initiating a fundraising
project to defray the expense of drilling
a new well to replace the west well at the controlled
marsh. We are hoping to raise suffi cient
funds to off set the entire cost of drilling and furnishing
a new well (ca. $30,000) and complete
this project by July of 2013. If we are not successful
in raising the necessary capital to replace
the well, we plan to use funds to leverage grant
dollars. We anticipate that this will, however,
delay project completion signifi cantly.

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