Mo. River Migratory Habitat Management letter went out toda

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Mo. River Migratory Habitat Management letter went out toda

Postby feathhd » Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:29 pm

A significant Mo. River Migratory Habitat Management letter went out today to key individuals in congress.
Any help in echoing the concern would be highly beneficial in future budget discussions and allocations made by Congress to the Army Corp of Engineers.

We cannot sustain the continued path of channel degradation and expect state & county wildlife management unit biologist to provide optimal migratory habitat conditions or waterfowl hunting opportunities. The problem is outside the control of our regional biologist and certainly outside the budget of our state conservation programs abilities.
It has long been overdue that the responsibility and liability be placed on the agency responsible for said problems.

As we ask, please echo this concern and show your support.

Mo. River Channel Degradation & ACE Liability, Responsibility

This is a descriptive picture to which you can draw a conclusion that
is not only true as it is written but reality.

Picture you have a Tub full of water measuring 9ft in depth and you
have a distinct waterline marked to gauge the depth or volume. (9FT) is
what ACE has the authority and responsibility of managing the Mo. River

Nock out the bottom of your tub and make it 2ft deeper. Where do you
think your waterline in the tub is going to be in relation to the water
in the tub?

It is now 2 ft lower than your established water mark or water line.
Now relate that to the Iowa flood plain basin / sub-surface water table.

How do you think that negatively impacts our Iowa Department of
Natural Resources
( Fish & Wildlife Biologist staff and said Management ) of Public
Facilities with in the basin?

Who shoulders the responsibility / liability when these state or county
facilities are not able to meet public management needs to maximize
public use or opportunity? Ultimately our state and county facility
managers are not able to properly manage the facility for its purpose
and are left with the sole financial burden to remedy the problem.
Simply put WE cannot solve this management issue on our own, when the
key contributing factor in this case
( ACE ) is Ultimately Liable & Responsible for the conditions in which
we are forced to deal with. In drought years this problem is further
amplified and over the years our management capabilities less effective
due to continued Mo. River channel degradation in our reach of the Mo.
River that has exceeded the 9ft authorized navigational channel,
designated to (ACE ) management!

The consequences ultimately impact our ability to provide maximum
recreational opportunities such as Waterfowl Hunting. This greatly
negatively impacts our recreational Economic output as our state &
county waterfowling facilities do not have the water they need to
sustain waterfowl hunting opportunities or optimal waterfowl habitat
conditions needed in the fall and spring migration period. This
negative consequences has a ripple effect that further reduces our
ability to generate the necessary revenues needed to sustain our states
migratory habitat management needs & migratory habitat programs.
Ultimately the consequence further reduces duck hunter numbers with in
the state and overall at a National level. This negative impact has
consequences when it comes to National Conservation programs and the
level of support that is needed to protect that waterfowl hunting and
waterfowl habitat future.

As President of Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association we would like to
request that you as our leadership in congress bring to the table
legislation that mandates ACE to develop and implement a management
strategy that supports and provides the water necessary to assure
optimal migratory habitat management objectives can be meet on said
state & county facilities and that supports maximized recreational
opportunities to the public. In short term ACE should be held liable &
responsible for the conditions we are forced to deal with and should
until said time a management plan developed & Implemented, Offset the
financial burden that state and county facilities managers are forced to
shoulder alone.

This problem has long been an issue and it is way overdue for an ACE
solution that is and should be ultimately their financial obligation.
They can blame it on the river but the fact remains they are the ones
authorized by congress Responsible for Mo. River Management and the so
called 9ft Marinas Trench of the Mo. River.

We Need your Help to protect our Future. It is just that simple.
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