Waterfowler Advisory Committee Report

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Waterfowler Advisory Committee Report

Postby feathhd » Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:19 pm

But yes a list of names and groups was presented yesterday by the IDNR as a starter concept if you will. More names can be added and I think thier should be, point period.

If you would like to participate in this advisory group, send your name into the NRC stating you would like to be considered to serve on the advisory group. Put your name, address, contact info on the e mail along with the region your from. N Iowa, N west, N east, Central Iowa, S east, southern Iowa, S west Iowa, county. You know the whole line of info.

I will post the starter concept sheet as it reads. Again this is just a starter page with some details, ideas, concepts and names to which may be modified a little.

Here we go:

The waterfowl advisory study committee is being formed to study the best ways to maintain sustainable and socially acceptable populations of waterfowl in Iowa and to maximize waterfowl hunting opportunities for all Iowa hunters.

The committee shall review, analyze, and make recommendations on issues relating to the states waterfowl populations and hunting opportunities, including but not limited to the following:
A. The current status of waterfowl populations, harvest and habitat management programs.
B.Current farm programs and their impact on wetlanmds and waterfowl populations.
C. The economic impact and value of Iowas waterfowl hunting to Iowa.
D. An assessment of public opinion on the impact and value of Iowas waterfowl populations and hunting opportunities.

The advisory committee shall complete its deliberations in the spring of 2013 and submit a final report to the NRC summarizing the committee's activities, analyzing the issues studied, and include any other information or recommendations that the committee deems relevant and necessary by September 30, 2013. Copies of the final report shall be sent to the Natural Resources Conservation Service, The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and to members of Iowa's congressional delegation.

Affiliation Committee Member Organization

Michelle Wilson Facilitator
Hunter Bill Byerly Hunter from Northern Ia
Hunter **** Hutmacher Hunter from Southern Ia
Hunter Tom Hutmacher Hunter from Southern Ia
Hunter Brad Huntington Hunter Safety Instructor
North Ia
NGO Jeremy Rosonke IWA/ICA
NGO Bill Smith MRWA
NGO Jim Goodman HFASS
NGO Mike Shannon DU Biologist for Ia
NGO Rick Robinson Ia Farm Bureau Fed.
Business Orlan Love Outdoor Writer's Assoc.
Business Steve Ries Hunting Works for Ia
Business Chris Carlton Scheels Asst. Mgr. Ia
Business Dave Nitzel Sportsman Warehouse
Business Todd Godfrey Bass Pro Shops, Ia
Agency Julie Ohde IACCB
Agency Jim Gillespie Ia. Dept. of Ag. and
Land Stewardship
Agency Tom Cox USFWS, Manager
Desoto NWR
Agency Dr. Rebecca Christoffel Ia. State University
Agency COE Representative Mississippi River-Rock
Island District
Agency COE Representative Missouri River- Kansas
City District
Agency DNR Bruce Trautman-
Deputy Director
Agency DNR Greg Drees-NRC
Legislator Rep. Henry Rayhons Iowa Legislature
Legislator Senator **** Dearden Iowa Legislature
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