ARC could send our IDNR F&W Div into Utter Ruins Oct 9

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ARC could send our IDNR F&W Div into Utter Ruins Oct 9

Postby feathhd » Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:39 pm

I write today not only as a Sportsmen Of Iowa but as President of Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association to Strongly Oppose any Action Now and in the Future by legislative process or other that seeks to make or require positions with in the Fish & Wildlife Department by Political Appointment.

The above mentioned is something that I learned of from one of our members in legislature and again We strongly Object to this or any action of said nature.

1. This action would lead to widespread instability with in the Fish & Wildlife Department that would negatively impact staff but also the direction of sound conservation policy with in the state of Iowa.

2. This action based on the political whim of the day would constantly from one term to the next force the Fish & Wildlife to constantly change conservation policy itself.

3. This action would open the door for Fish & Wildlife Management positions to those who have absolutely no background in Conservation policy.

4. This action would open the door for Fish & Wildlife Management positions to those who have absolutely no back ground in Wildlife Management.

5. This action would open the door for the Fish & Wildlife Department positions to be used as political job kick backs.

6. This action would negatively impact stability of our Fish & Wildlife from Top to Bottom and it should not be Tolerated or even contemplated.

As President of Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association WE DO NOT & WILL NOT SUPPORT any actions that seek to make any IDNR Fish & Wildlife Positions subject to by political appointment.

Individual positions like Chief of Fish & Wildlife " Dale Garner " should never be subject to " By Appointment " and here are some of our points. Bureau chief Dale Garner is an absolute asset to the state and to our Natural Resource Management capabilities, he is an asset to Iowa sportsmen in All 99 counties. Can you imagine if his position was by political appointment how the present USFWS Federal Duck Stamp issue may have been dramatically different, if subject to a political appointed who had NO idea or intense background in federal policy or zero relationship between the Flyway or USFWS? Iowa could have easily lost 4 million dollars in revenue simply because the position was given to by appointment a campaign contributor who has no extensive background in said federal policy or related subject?

I can tell you from extensive background and experience in the above issue coming from a state who utilized it's DNR Fish & Wildlife Unit and its positions throughout the agency as political kickback positions to repay supporters who had in one way or the other helped the administration during a political campaign. Should we as Senators or Representatives, Democrats or Republicans allow this very specific agency / department to be used as a political kick back cookie jar and risk the high probability that some political flunky gets the position appointment not based on his background or wildlife management skills ,but by what he or she had done for the Incoming administration? In Chicago & Springfield Illinois it's called Political Cronyism that not only has run a City into the ground but has left a DNR in utter Ruins!

Individual Positions such as our IDNR Fish & Wildlife Bureau Chief ( Dale Garner ) should be a position that does not succumb to such Cronyism appointing ideology, so that the true emphasis of the position and the person can remain entirely focused on Wildlife Resources and said Management of our states resources for the general public and not worried about his or her position as a temporary Job. This level of instability and insecurity leads and negatively effects all those below said position. That is a fact folks.

We at Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association Highly Object to the appointment position methodology of our Fish & Wildlife Bureau Chief position. As a Iowa Sportsmen, as a Iowa constituent and as a leader with in the Iowa waterfowling community we simply cannot and will not Support any effort to establish the above. It simply puts Wildlife Management, Natural Resources and Conservation Policy on a direct path for Utter Ruins. From with in and out on the Iowa landscape, this idea, agenda or objective being sought is in itself BAD POLICY. I hope as a legislative representative of the people for the people by the people that you DO NOT leave the future of our Fish & Wildlife bureau Chief or our states Natural Resource Future in the hands of some Political appointed Flunky.


All Iowa Sportsmen should contact the below ARC members listed below and tell them in your own words to the above information that YOU DO NOT SUPPORT ANY IDEA WHAT SO EVER THAT SEEKS TO TURN OUR IDNR FISH & WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT INTO A POLITICAL KICK BACK COOKIE JAR. This will open the door for political hacks to steal or have access to our conservation dollars and send our conservation programs into utter RUINS in it's wake. ... spx?CID=53

Make that call today folks and send your emails and let them know that we will not stand for this level of activity and that the Fish & Wildlife and it's chief should not be subject to political appointment Cronyism.

Its bad for conservation and devastating for Iowa sportsmen.


William J. Smith


Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association.

Sioux City Iowa

5309 hwy 75n lot 44


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Re: ARC could send our IDNR F&W Div into Utter Ruins Oct 9

Postby feathhd » Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:24 pm

here is the list guys made easy:,,wally.horn@legis.,,,dawn.pett,,Guy.VanderLinden@leg,,,dic,,michael.gronstal@le,
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