Bit of a Read but they are 2 legislative Proposal I am worki

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Bit of a Read but they are 2 legislative Proposal I am worki

Postby feathhd » Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:57 pm

Option 1 Bill Proposal: 7 Day NR Waterfowl Lic Option

An act that creates a 7 day NR Waterfowl Hunting lic option at the
price of $47.50
The 7 day NR lic option is not Valid for the 1st week of Iowa's duck
season in any of the 3 zones. It is only valid after the 1st week in
any of the 3 zones.
The extra $5.50 that is generated under this option is to be
specifically allocated to the states Migratory Waterfowl Stamp program
as a supplemental revenue stream that is to be utilized to restore,
enhance Migratory Waterfowl Habitat in the state of Iowa Only or
applied to any and all Federal Grant match programs that attracts
federal dollars to the state of Iowa to restore migratory habitat that
is open to public waterfowl hunting opportunities.

Option 2 Bill Proposal: NR Spring Snow Goose lic option & Iowa
Temporary Migratory Habitat Initiative

An act that creates a NR Spring Snow Goose lic option at the price of
This revenue stream is to be accumulated over a 5 year period / cycle
to Create & Support a New Migratory Waterfowl Habitat Initiative that
shall be titled as " Iowa's Temporary Migratory Habitat Initiative "
This specific program and funding resource is to be specifically
applied to Support and financially incentivise the Initiative that pays
willing Iowa farmers / producers who have the ability to pump water in
and around High waterfowl use areas to seasonally apply surface water
on harvested Crop Residual, in areas that can and would hold surface
water during vital Migration periods, such as Fall and early Spring
migration periods. This New program would also make available New
Public Waterfowl opportunities on those acres enrolled in said program.
This new revenue stream should be spent every 5 years. This New option
also is attractive to producers because of its' flexibility time frame
to which said acres are enrolled. That time period or contract should
be 5 year cycles.
Any surplus revenues not spent after Jan 1st should be directly applied
to the states Migratory Waterfowl Stamp program to be specifically
applied for waterfowl habitat in the state of Iowa.

This new program & initiative shall apply to projects that range from 1
acre in size to a maximum of 60 acres in size. The incentive structure
per acre under this program should be the formula used under the
Federal Migratory Habitat Bird Initiative at the minimum. Also this
new initiative would exempt all producers from having to pay the states
Well / Water withdraw permit fee during the 5 year enrollment of said
acres that are open to public waterfowl hunting / access.

Under this New initiative we as a state would greatly enhance our
states Migratory habitat conditions that are highly attractive to
migratory waterfowl during 2 vital points or migration periods. Said
enrolled acres would be supplemental migratory habitat acres that would
also enhance high waterfowl use areas and increase public waterfowling
access as a whole that has the ability to spread out and lesson public
hunting pressure on present state and federal waterfowling facilities
in Iowa. This could be highly valuable in a sense that it improves not
only hunter recruitment but Waterfowler Satisfaction.

Under this new Initiative Iowa producers / farmers are providing a
Natural Resource service and yet increasing public opportunity that not
only is a benefit to waterfowlers and opportunity but also a direct
benefit to the state as it has the ability and potential to provide
huge recreational economic benefits to the state, to the county and
certainly to the community as a whole where said acres are available.
Said economic benefits contribute to sales tax receipts that support an
array of social and economic services provided by the state, county and
community, from tax relief potential to infrastructure investments.

Please review the above 2 Legislative Bill Proposals that are just
drafts at this point. The only way they will become Bills is if you
Support them and present them to your Senate & House members. I also
would encourage your support by asking that you Please Contact:

Senator **** Dearden
Senator Dennis Black
Senator Mike Gronstal
Representative Chris Hall

Again these are drafts that I have laid out and with your help and your
support we can refine them. I look forward to your thoughts, ideas,
opinions, suggestions on the subjects above and I wish to hear from you
at your earliest convenience.


William J. Smith
Feel free to call me or e mail me , Thanks Folks
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Re: Bit of a Read but they are 2 legislative Proposal I am w

Postby LETEMWORK21 » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:11 pm

Where you find this stuff?
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