A must read for ALL Iowa Sportsmen

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A must read for ALL Iowa Sportsmen

Postby feathhd » Sun Dec 02, 2012 8:55 pm

:help: This message I hope strikes every waterfowler and sportsmen of Iowa in such a way that they Request & Encourage Mike Knuth & HWFIA to engage in the process of the Mo. River Restoration and Recovery project / process, to represent the interest of Iowa Sportsmen and future recreational and economic opportunities.

One of our Greatest Restoration and Recovery projects has been laid before our feet folks with hundreds of Millions of dollars ear-marked for Habitat restoration and recovery projects along the Mo. River. The sad reality and truth behind this subject is that Iowa sportsmen s interest do not have a seat at the table and nor under any of the Committees is Iowa's Natural Resource & Sportsmen's Interest being presented. We do not have a voice at the table. I can clearly Demonstrate that as Fact / Reality just by telling you to review this specific committee list and tell me what is missing from it?


Now you can even review the the states SIMRA comittee and with in it you will see everything but Iowa recreational interest or sportsmen interest. Again if you do see an IDNR employee or appointee be cautious. Just because you have the acronym IDNR attached to it doesn't necessarily mean that your views / opinions or ideas and interests as an Iowa sportsmen are being presented or served with vigor. That is why you will Not find 1 person from IDNR Fish & Wildlife on a single committee. ZERO


Do not be fooled by the last one on the list as it has absolutely Nothing to do with Fish & Wildlife or Iowa's Sportsmen s interest.

What I ask of each of you is to e mail Mike Knuth and ask him if HWFIA will step in and engage in the process to reflect the interest of Iowa Sportsmen and Recreational opportunity development that benefits all Iowa sportsmen and the future of! Please give Mike a voice of encouragement and by doing so you will give the state organization a sense of wide support on the issue that is NOT being represented by any other.

Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association has and continues to be a single voice in the issue but without wide support from the Iowa sporting community as a whole, those in power or control in these committees will Continue to sweep our recreational needs, demands and interests under the rug as they have done over the last 60 years in regard to Mo. River Management and our Natural Resources!

Mikes E-mail is ----> MKnuth@pubaffairsco.com

HWFIA web site addy http://huntingworksforia.com can give you some background on its purpose. Again lets encourage them to get involved in one of North Americas largest Restoration and Recovery Projects. If we do nothing most of the restoration and recovery dollars will be spent in MT,ND,SD,NE and all Iowa sportsmen will end up with is this thing that resembles a Big DITCH!

Your help folks and your support on this can go a long way in protecting our hunting and fishing futures.


William J. Smith
Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association
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Re: A must read for ALL Iowa Sportsmen

Postby LETEMWORK21 » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:16 pm

That's crazy
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