Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association Sends Letter(N

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Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association Sends Letter(N

Postby feathhd » Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:45 am

We here at Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association ask ALL Iowa waterfowlers to send off in your own words a direct letter that can be Copied and pasted in your composed e-mail letter box to ALL ( NRC Members, ARRC Members, Senate NR Committee Members, House NR Committee members in Support of the listed issues below. As a waterfowling community WE must speak UP & Speak loudly to be heard on the issues. If we do not and do nothing, say nothing, WE will accomplish Nothing and remain the silent Minority at the bottom of the list.

Again we ask that everyone compose their own letters in response to the issues below and send them to the above listed folks in said Committee's.

Thank You all AGAIN, it's time to get to WORK!


1: Protect & Defend the Iowa IDNR Fish & Wildlife Division & associated
conservation funding sources where they Need Support.

2: The Iowa Waterfowl Advisory Committee

3: Iowa's Teal Season Option / proposal 'S
( Would provide huge New Opportunities to get more days to hunt ducks
in Iowa that are not considered as regular duck season days. )

{ 4: Removal of the Spring Snow Goose conservation Order season bag
Restriction placed on Iowa snow goose hunters during spring season. }
( All states in our Flyway do Not have this restriction and this is
costing Iowa Lost recreational Economic opportunity, Why come to Iowa
if hunting spring snow geese is a $130 plus dollars and the bag limit
of 20 a day, when you can go to any other SISTER state buy a short NR
season lic CHEAPER or spring snow goose permit for $40 dollars and hunt
them with NO BAG LIMIT!? )

5: Seek that the Gov. appoint IDNR Fish & Wildlife management experts
to MRRIC & MRRP & SIMRA committees as a representative to the Natural
Resources associated with the Mo. River Restoration & Recovery Process.
( Millions of Federal Restoration Funds could help Entire Watershed in
Iowa & Flooding issues but at this point we are not going after any of
those restoration funds because of the above, We simply need an Iowa
IDNR Fish & Wildlife Management Expert at the table in those
committees. Huge investment opportunities and WE DON'T have a IDNR
Fish & Wildlife Management Expert at the table doing Iowa's bidding for
those Millions of Dollars. NONE)

6: Seek and request that the Iowa IDNR adopt 2 New NR waterfowl hunting
license options, 7 Day NR waterfowl lic, exempting our openers from
said option ($47.50 ), NR spring Snow Goose lic Option. ( $47.50 ) All
additional revenues from both above the present price paid for by
resident sportsmen to be directed to the Iowa IDNR Upland & Game Bird
Account as added supplemental revenues for Iowa's NAWCA ability & Walk
In Hunting Access Program.
( With just the annual Lic. option costing $130.00 plus dollars, Iowa
is losing out on capturing NR revenues where sister states offer a
short season NR Waterfowl lic option or Spring Snow Goose lic option )

7: Support & Continue to seek that the Migratory Game bird code that
requires all who hunt Migratory game birds in the state of Iowa
purchase a state migratory game bird stamp to include the word ( Dove )
as the addition to the code that makes it Mandatory to purchase a state
migratory stamp to hunt doves in Iowa! Not only will this add some
revenues for management, but it may help encourage others to
participate and try Iowa Waterfowl Hunting!
( Requirement 16 an older, this will help IDNR with cost associated
with Dove Habitat Management on Public facilities to improve said
hunting opportunity for ALL Iowa Dove Hunters. )

8: Continue to work with the Legislature,IDNR,NRC & Iowa Waterfowl
Advisory committee to
work out the potential issues of the larger 3rd zone Gude plan,
proposal so that by 2015/ 2016 it is ready to go with the least amount
of time wasted.
( To provide Iowa waterfowlers greater late season Opportunities and
also make Iowa more competitive with sister states late season
opportunities, to attract and generate more recreational economic
tourism in Iowa )

As president of Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association We wish to say ,
Thank you for your continued Public Service and Again WE look forward
to working with you on these very Important Issues that are a concern
to Iowa's Waterfowling Community here in ( 2013 ) !

William J.Smith
President Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association

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