Iowa Lakes Restoration Fund loses 5 Million dollars to State

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Iowa Lakes Restoration Fund loses 5 Million dollars to State

Postby feathhd » Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:26 am

Iowa Lakes Restoration Fund loses 5 Million dollars

The Governor Raids Iowa Lake Restoration Fund of 5 Million.

It was a peanut shell game budget move to shift money to State Park Management needs. This Only leaves 1 Million in Iowa's Lake Restoration Fund. This is Not good for Iowa Sportsmen or general constituents of the state who enjoy Iowas waters. It appears that this move only reflects a 1 year shift of resources and then the Iowa Lakes Restoration Fund goes back to 6 million dollars. However if that is the case, where exactly is the State Parks going to obtain the 5 million budget short fall in 2014? Usually a shift like this, take from one to give to another, generally leaves the program that was short changed of revenues on the out and one can expect that State Park Managers will fight like hell to keep the 5 million in allocation come 2014. This will bring about funding issues related to Iowa Lakes Restoration Fund which we fought hard to establish in the first place. This is also a continued problem with in legislature where some simply refuse to fund programs to their maximum and meet the needs of other programs budget short falls / problems. They simply take from one and give to another kicking the can down the road. I myself find it funny as heck that here we sit talking about Iowa's New Water Nutrient Management Strategy as if we are serious about Our problem and we just take 5 million dollars from the Iowa Lakes Restoration Fund which battles Nutrient issues and give it to State Parks for Management / infrastructure budget short falls.

2. Things Need to Happen here folks.
1. Contact every member of the Senate & Representative Natural Resource Committee and demand that the budget of Iowa's Lake Restoration Fund be restored to it's 6 million dollar status.
2. To address State Park Budget short falls and Conservation needs in Iowa, Pass the 3/8ths of a cent tax increase this session so that all of Iowa recreational and Environmental conservation programs obtain the funding resources they need to help Iowa battle it's long standing Water Contamination Issues.

Encourage your Natural Resource legislative Committee Members on both sides to do the Right thing for all Iowan's. Talk with them all folks. Call them at home, e mail them. As sportsmen and conservationist of the state who continue to assist the state in fighting its conservation & Environmental battles with Our sporting dollars, we can not afford to let other vital programs to be used as slush funds for other budget short falls of other divisions or departments. It just doesn't make any sense what so ever under a budget surplus of 7 hundred million plus to rob the Iowa Lakes Restoration Fund, when nearly all our waterways need more revenues to fix the contamination and sediment issues that are killing Iowa's waters. We need Republicans & Democrats to stand Up and do the right thing here and stop the Revenue Peanut shell game. It doesn't and hasn't solved our Environmental & Conservation problems out on the landscape. However it continues to simply kick the can down the road and as constituents of the state, WE CAN STOP THIS by putting our foot down.

Your Help is Needed today folks. Make those contacts as soon as you can. Lets Restore some common Sense!


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