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Postby feathhd » Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:18 am

The only thing that south zone duck hunters can do to tweak their season is
Take 3 days of the early season and tack that onto the back half of the second segment. What this would do is afford South zone duck hunters the Opportunity to Open on a week end and close the season on a weekend. Giving south zone duck hunters an added week end to hunt ducks.

If that sounds like a good thing, south zone duck hunters better bring that issue up at the ICN meeting tomorrow. The same could happen in the 3rd zone or Mo. River Zone.

Right now that's about all I can write as I am bust ass tired.

Oh and the USFWS has thrown up the possibility of getting 5 to 9 days of Early Teal season or teal only season.

Oh and by Friday your states New Waterfowl Biologist will be hired or known.

Time to go tear up my pillow.
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