Your Efforts to Improve Your Public Duck Hunting Area

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Your Efforts to Improve Your Public Duck Hunting Area

Postby feathhd » Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:12 am

Hey guy just passing out some info to anyone who was interested in that 5 Oaks Golden Millet waterfowl food plot post. I have a line on it right here in Iowa, well the seed company is in North Sioux City so its close enough.

If anyone wishes to order some up for food plots at their favorite duck hole or a group of you who hunt a public duck hole, want to help your regions biologist improve your favorite public duck hole.

Reach out to your regions Biologist folks, talk with him or her and see what you can do to improve your hunting area attract ducks, hold ducks. This is something easy that every duck hunter can do to help his or her public waterfowling area and it is something to help build a better , stronger working relationship with your site managers etc. I am doing this to give some folks some ideas as to how to improve your public hunting area. As soon as Jason reaches 40 bag minimum he can get it in stock. Just letting you guys know as Spring planting is just around the Bend>


The Cadillac of Millet

Hey just letting you know that I got a lead on that Golden Millet from
5 Oaks and that Millborn seed right here in North Sioux City can get it
but would have to at least have a minimum order of a pallet. 40/ 50lb
bags per pallet. You could expect an yield 2-3 tons/ac.

Heard back from 5 oaks and it would be close to $85/50# bag (that is if
we bring
in a pallet).I would plant it at about 15#'s and acre.

Jason Tronbak
Conservation Specialist + Certified Wildlife Biologist
Millborn Seed Company

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