The States Migratory Game Bird Stamp Code ( Amendment )

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The States Migratory Game Bird Stamp Code ( Amendment )

Postby feathhd » Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:18 pm

Folks I have spent a little time with some Senator talking about Amending that state Migratory Game Bird stamp ( Code ) to include the Word ( Dove ) into the list. After explaining why this is an important issue such as those resources being utilized to capture more Federal NAWCA dollars and bring them back to the state of Iowa. I further explained how other states abilities to generate match put states like Iowa at a disadvantage when competing for these federal NAWCA resources. Many states have the population base to raise the resources needed and they have the capacity to out match us. So every dime, nickle we can put down on the table as match helps us as a state compete for those federal matching revenues. That put valuable habitat back onto the Iowa landscape.

Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association has long Supported Amending the states Migratory Game Bird Code to include the word ( Dove ) as a direct means to increase , improve, enhance and restore our states Migratory Habitat and Migratory Hunting Opportunities.

This is a positive effort that puts more Habitat on the ground that increases Hunter opportunities. As you may know NAWCA provides a $3 to $1 match ratio for Habitat Restoration and it also provides a 3 to 1 match ratio when it comes to habitat. 3 acres of Upland Habitat to every 1 acre of wetland Habitat. All of the projects are open to hunting.

Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association looks forward to your Support in this effort. All Members & Supporters are strongly encouraged to contact those in this list to Support the effort that Ultimately leads to more habitat and hunting opportunities for Iowa Sportsmen. Copy & paste contacts to your composed letter and hit send. It only takes less than 5 minutes to do this and Your Support is greatly needed. Make sure to list your location in the state to show a wide range of support from across the state.,

Again I wish to thank you all in this effort. I will also be posting up soon about a Resolution that is being worked on to Improve, Enhance and Restore Our Iowa Rivers / Bottoms. This Resolution would Help All Iowan's with major River Restoration efforts, improve access, enhance, restore River Bottom Habitat's.
This effort would help All Sportsmen and Iowan's improve their Natural Resources in a focused Initiative.


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