Iowa River Restoration Resolution Letter

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Iowa River Restoration Resolution Letter

Postby feathhd » Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:34 pm

Senate Resolution for a “Iowa River Restoration & Recovery

One of the Greatest moments for All Iowan's ,Iowa Senators &
Representatives would be to Create the
( Iowa Rivers Restoration & Recovery Fund Program ) I also look at it
as a potential to consolidate a lot of redundant water quality
programs, water monitoring programs and water conservation programs
where tax payer revenues / resources can be much better applied in a
much greater focused effort that Helps Iowa Restore it's Impaired
Waterways. With that being said I can speak as an example of how such
an effort, such a Fund would prove to be Financially Economically
beneficial to the people of Iowa and the state as a whole.

Right now the Big Mo. River is largest / longest River in the United
States that is the most Impaired. It's recreational Economic
Contribution to the state annually is roughly about 20 million dollars
a year. With the right kind of Restoration & Recovery initiative into
one of our states Greatest assets, WE could take a 20 million a year
economic generator and turn it into a 120 million plus annual economic
generator for the state.

Along with that, communities, townships, cities along the Big Mo
see their tax receipts increase and those revenues in turn are the very
revenues Townships, Communities, Cities and the state, utilize to
invest in infrastructure, Schools, police and fire departments and yes
reduce property tax burdens. This type of effort likewise contributes
to the States ability to also provide sustainable Job growth.
The above is just an example of what we could accomplish at many different levels
along All our Rivers in Iowa.

I have said it before and I will say it again, One of Iowa's least
developed Economic assets is it's Recreational Economic Engine /
Natural Resources. Making said investments into our Iowa Rivers, is an
investment that will produce Job's & Revenue Surpluses that we have
never seen before. I could go down the list from Flood Mitigation
efforts, to increased recreational access, reduced federal disaster
liability and so on but I think you already know that what I say is the
Truth and I , WE at Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association encourage you
and Support you in this Effort to Create the ( Iowa Rivers Restoration
& Recovery Fund Program ).

Finally this investment could be compounded 4 fold by utilizing this
specific resource as Matching Revenues for USDA ( CREP ) revenues which
would provide the state with a 4 to 1 match ratio in revenue
investments into Iowa's River Restoration & Recovery Program. This is
the level of investment that is also needed to Assist landowners /
farmers of Iowa in their efforts to battle non point source problems,
that are the number 1 cause of Iowa's waterways being some of the most
impaired waterways in the United States and a leading Contributor to
the Gulf Of Mexico's Hypoxia Disaster.

We look forward to helping anyway we can to make The Iowa Rivers
Restoration & Recovery Resolution a Reality. This Effort is 50 years
past due!

MOVWA Members & Supporters are Encouraged to contact all Senate &
Representatives in this E-mail to Show strong Support from the
waterfowling Community as this effort / initiative as a byproduct
improves our states Migratory Habitats along our river bottoms &
Migration corridors, access etc. Note, Fishing, Trapping also would see a Huge benefit
to said effort.


William J. Smith
Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Asssociation
Sioux City Iowa
5309 hwy 75n lot 44

Proposed Senate Resolution for a “river restoration program” Interim

A Resolution supporting the creation of an interim study committee on
the creation of a River Restoration / Recovery Program for Iowa.

WHEREAS, Iowa lays between two of American’s greatest rivers; and
WHEREAS, Iowa over 71,500 miles of interior rivers and streams; and
WHEREAS, many of Iowa’s rivers and streams have grown unstable, with
banks, with degrading beds and fish habitats, with heavy sediment and
nutrient laden
waters; and
WHEREAS, Iowa’s towns, cities and river lovers desire to restore our
waterways as
beautiful, safe places to enjoy, work and recreate; and
WHEREAS, Iowa’s rivers and streams hold untapped value; and
WHEREAS, a river restoration program will maximize the benefits Iowa’s
rivers provide
to the state and its people; and
WHEREAS, a river restoration program will reduce nutrient levels
through natural
processing and stabilization in Iowa’s rivers;
committee be authorized to outline the components for the creation of a
river restoration
program for Iowa.

Here is our Senate & Representative contact list on this vital Issue. Copy & Paste to your composed letter and hit send.

mike.gronstal <>; linda.upmeyer
<>; rick .bertrand <>;matt.mccoy
<>; daryl.beall <>;
tkgrainandlvstk <>; dan.huseman
<>; dave.maxwell
<>; dennis.cohoon
<>; chris.hall <>;
****.dearden <****>;
<>; <>;
chuck.gipp <>; Dale.Garner<>;
dawn.pettengill <>; rick.olson
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