RR Legislative Report / Review

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RR Legislative Report / Review

Postby feathhd » Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:12 pm

Last week marked the end of the 2nd funnel week session will soon be coming to a close – no new bills will be presented (unless attached to an appropriation) and budgets will start to be presented and finalized.

Dam Mitigation and Water Trails – at this point the Senate has included funds in the RIIF appropriation for this program – it appears to be close (or a bit higher) to the amount that was approved last year. The House has not included funds for the program in their budget. Nothing is final and we will have some work to do once the House budget has been presented – we will keep you posted, as contacts will be vital once this occurs.

Jerry Peckumn, Don Brazelton, Ann Robinson and I met with Julie Vande Hoef (Governor Branstad’s Policy Advisor yesterday) to discuss the need and importance of this funding. We also wanted to verify if the legislature approved funds for the program, would the Governor support or veto the appropriation – she was unable to confirm or deny support for funding at this time, but encouraged us to keep in contact with her once the budget has been presented.

REAP – The Senate has proposed $20M (full funding) for REAP and the House is staying with the Governor’s proposal at $12M. Legislators need to continue to hear support for the full funding of this program. REAP continues to be a major funding source to enhance and protect Iowa’s natural and cultural resources.
Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee
Committee Co-chairs: Senator Dennis Black and Representative Jack Drake

Governor Terry Branstad: 515.281.5211 or http://www.governor.iowa.gov/contact/
Iowa General Assembly (find a bill): http://www.legis.iowa.gov/index.aspx
Iowa Senators and Representatives: Find your legislators (if you would like a spreadsheet of all the current legislators, please let me know)
Iowa Senate: 515.281.3371
Iowa House: 515.281.3221

LOBBYIST REPORT from Don Brazelton

SECOND FUNNEL. This week has been one of the most, if not the most, relaxed funnel weeks that I can remember. There was little urgency to move many bills with some committees not even meeting this week. This is not to say that you won’t see some bills resurrected. One such bill is the “landowner liability” bill. The SF was amended & passed the SJC, while the HF was not brought up for debate. Supporters are seeking a new bill endorsed & sponsored by leadership in the Senate along the lines of the SJC’s amendment.


HF 522, AQUATIC INVASIVES. Rewrites Section 456A.37 on aquatic invasive species. Redefines “aquatic invasive species” and adds new definitions of “aquatic plant”, “bait” and “water-related equipment”. Authorizes the NRC to adopt rules to restrict the introduction, propagation, use, possession and spread of aquatic invasives; identify infested waters; and define additional invasives as they appear. Prohibits a person from transporting water-related equipment that has aquatic invasive species on a public road or place them into Iowa waters. Requires draining of water-related equipment before transport and for inspection by the DNR. Allows the DNR to prohibit a vessel in the Iowa waters if the person refuses an inspection. Eligible for S debate.

HF 541, REBUILDING DAMS. Establishes standards for reconstructing dams destroyed in natural disasters. Defines the dam elevation as 3 inches below the spillway level if the spillway is in excess of 50% of the width of the dam & therefore current easements held for flooding do not require new easements from landowners. Passed SLGC.

HF 605, SF 413, LANDOWNER LIABILITY. Construes Iowa Code 461C (public use of private lands) broadly in favor of private landowners in order to encourage landowners to allow public use of lands for recreational and educational purposes. HJC failed to take up the bill. Amended & passed SJC. S amendment allows exclusion of some individuals to not lose immunity and adds ag tours as a covered activity under 461C. Since the H failed to take up the bill & therefore both bills are funneled. The only alternative is for a leadership bill. Will delete these bill numbers.

SF 146, HF 155, WATERCRAFT FEES. Extends the requirement that increases from raising watercraft registration fees be used for aquatic invasive plant control, navigation laws and water safety to 2023. SF passed HWMC.

SF 268, HF 92, NATURAL RESOURCES SALES TAX. Increases the state sales tax by 3/8 of a cent for the Natural Resources Trust Fund established in the Iowa Constitution. In SWMC & HWMC.

SF 272, HF 523, DNR MATTERS. Strikes the Restore the Outdoors program. Adds palustrine emergent wetland as a protected wetlands. Strikes some provisions on the power of the DNR to designate protected wetlands and on procedures for the affected landowners to challenge such a designation. SF & HF eligible for H debate. SF retains the power of the DNR to designate protected wetlands.


HF 311, WATER QUALITY. Requires the one publication (rather than two) of notice in newspapers for NPDES stormwater and allowable nonstormwater permits. Allows aquatic herbicides to be applied according to EPC rules. Allows an applicant for a permit to divert, withdraw or store water to apply for additional time to provide information without incurring another fee. Awards such a permit by default if the DNR does not award or deny an application within 90 days of receipt. Strikes the requirement that a borrower under the on-site waste system program live outside a city. Strikes certain DNR reporting requirements related to the program. Eligible for S debate.

SF 307, WATER PLANS. Appropriates $85,000 reestablishment of an aquifer monitoring system; $150,000 groundwater mapping and aquifer modeling, $250,000 water conservation technical assistance for drought planning; $475,000 for hydrologic monitoring stations of soil moisture and weather information, $75,000 for maintenance of the network of hydrologic monitoring stations. SAC.

SSB 1247, BOTTLE BILL EXPANSION. Expands the current bottle deposit to noncarbonated beverage containers with some exceptions such as milk, fruit and vegetable juices and fruit drinks. The distributor shall reimburse redemption sites an additional 1¢ for the new containers covered. The reimbursement shall remain at 1¢ for containers currently covered by law. The deposit amount will remain at 5¢. Passed SA subcom. Goes to full SAC. Now is the time to express support for expansion to your legislators. For more information & updates: www.IowaBottleBill.com

SF 421 (formerly SSB 1245), AG & DNR APPROPRIATION. (The S FY ’15 Budget is 50% of their FY ’14 amount & the H is 85% of their amount) … (EFF = Env First Fund)

General Fund (GF)
DNR (S) (H) (GOV)
Operations $12.517M $12.766M $12.517M
Floodplain Mgt $2M $2M $2M
Forestry Health $0.2 M $0.1 M $0.1M
Keep Ia Beautiful $0.2 M $0.2 M $0.2M
AG $38.45M $17.5M $17.1M
Soil Cons Admin $2.55M 0 (See EFF) 0 (See EFF)
Water Qual Initiative $2.4M 0 (See EFF) 0 (See EFF)
Water Qual Projects $10M 0 0
Soil Cons Cost Share $6M 0 0
Iowa FFA $25,000 $25,000 0
Local Food Program $75,000 $75,000 0
Mk Inspection $0.189M $0.189M $0.189M
Farmers with Disabilities $0.13M $0.13M $0.13M

Watershed Improvement Bd $4M 0 0

Vet Diagnostic Lab $3.238M $3.488M $3.238M

Fish & Game Trust Fund $41.078M $41.078M $41.078M

Env First Fund (EFF) $42M (RIIF) $42M (RIIF) $42M (RIIF)
REAP $20M $12M $12M
Volunteers $0.1M $0.1M $0.1M
Parks Operations $3.71M $6.61M $6.61M
GIS - Watersheds $0.195M $0.195M $0.195M
Water Monitoring $2.955M $2.955M $2.955M
Water Protection $0.5M $0.5M $0.5M
Animal Regulation $1.92M $1.12M $1.12M
Air Monitoring $0.425M $0.425M $0.425M
Water Quality Reg $0.495M $0.495M $0.495M
Geological Survey $0.2M $0.2M $0.2M
Winterset Water Utility 0 0 $1 M
Soil Cons Admin 0 (See GF) $2.55M $2.55M
Water Qual Nutrient Mgt 0 (See GF) $2.4M $2.4M
Cons Res Enhancement $1M $1M $1M
Watershed Protection $1M $0.9M $0.9M
Farm Mgt Demo $0.625M $0.625M $0.625M
Ag Drainage Wells $0.55M $1.55M $0.55M
Cons Reserve $1M $1M $1M
Soil Cost Share $6.65M $6.65M $6.65M

Loess Hills/Hungry Canyons $0.475M $0.525M $0.525M

Snowmobile Fees to DNR $0.1M $0.1M $0.1M
Groundwater Protection
Fund to DNR $3.446M $3.446M $3.446M

Now is the time to start contacting your legislators to support full funding for REAP. Amended & passed SAC on a party-line vote. Amendment allows Dept of Ag to use non-State funding and deletes FY ’15 funding. Eligible for S debate.


Governor Terry Branstad: 515.281.5211 or http://www.governor.iowa.gov/contact/
Iowa General Assembly (find a bill): http://www.legis.iowa.gov/index.aspx
Iowa Senators and Representatives: Find your legislators (if you would like a spreadsheet of all the current legislators, please let me know)
Iowa Senate: 515.281.3371
Iowa House: 515.281.3221

IRR CALENDAR – keep informed about river-related activities, events and conferences: http://iowarivers.org/get-involved/calendar/.

Please share this legislative update with individuals, organizations or groups that would be interested in receiving this information.

Thank you!

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