An Attack On Iowa's Natural Resource Restoration Efforts on

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An Attack On Iowa's Natural Resource Restoration Efforts on

Postby feathhd » Wed Apr 17, 2013 4:18 pm

This is a very serious message to All Conservation Organizations and their affiliates who's natural resource efforts have restored, enhanced, protected and preserved 100's of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat for future generations.
I have recently learned that several members of Missouri’s Congressional delegation have introduced legislation that would remove Fish & Wildlife as a Missouri River Authorized Purpose.

I write to you today to advise you that such legislation
ultimately could set a dangerous precedent. Resources in your state or region of the country could ultimately meet the same demise by special interests seeking to minimize the importance of our natural resources. This would dramatically set back the restoration and preservation efforts of those resources for the current and future generations.

This legislation is a direct threat to your organization’s mission as well as to our supporting partners and the membership base in conservation organizations nationwide. We ultimately have the responsibility to speak up and protect our natural resources. We are their voice. We speak for those things that cannot in the hope that we leave our natural world far better for those who will inherit it.
As president of a regional waterfowling organization, I ask that
your organization, its membership and partners in conservation contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives. Tell them you do not support the Missouri delegation’s legislation to remove Fish & Wildlife as one of the eight Missouri River Authorized Purposes. Ask them to be very vigilant on any amendments or riders attached to other legislation as this may be the way they attempt to get this measure passed.
We simply cannot allow this to happen and set a precedent which could ultimately threaten fish and wildlife, habitat preservation, restoration & recovery elsewhere in the country!

To Review the Mo. Delegations Legislative Bill, please review here:

William J. Smith
Sioux City Iowa

Please share the above letter with your Organization asking them to get involved.
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