Massive Outreach to ALL Iowan's

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Massive Outreach to ALL Iowan's

Postby feathhd » Sat Apr 20, 2013 7:50 am

All Iowan's Need to Contact their Washington DC Senator &
Representative and advise them to Oppose the state of Missouri's self
serving legislation that does nothing but fly under the cloak of Flood
Control to protect and continue to bilk tax payers out of millions to
subsidize their Failed Navigational Industry. Their self serving
legislation will Negatively Impact Iowa by preventing the Army Corp of
Engineers the responsibility it has to restore the river in areas where
it can Fish & Wildlife Habitat. Now to some who see this contrary to
flood control, let it be said that such restored areas like connecting
old oxbows and chutes that have been cut off from the river by levies,
allows the river greater area to take on High Flood waters. In essence
these restored areas lesson the Flood impact downstream and reduces
flood water pressures on vulnerable areas where levy systems are not as
wide as they should be. By allowing the river the ability to divert a
lot of its high flood water energy into these restored areas will also
contribute to less infrastructure damage down stream as well. By
supporting Fish & Wildlife Habitat Restoration as one of the authorized
purposes of ACE is very much a part of Flood control and Flood
mitigation efforts that seek to reduce and lessen the negative
consequences downstream due to high flows / High Flood waters.

What Mo. Legislation is trying to do is get its hands on Fish &
Wildlife revenues allotted to ACE in a separate Authorization of
revenues by Congress that's focus was restoring and enhancing vital,
critical habitat for 3 Mo. River Endangered species. Piping Plover,
Least Tern and the Pallid Sturgeon. The byproduct of this effort also
creates greater flood water storage capacity and yes vital habitat for
all other populations of fish and wildlife that have been severely
devastated and in decline since the BSN project ( Pick Sloan Act ) some
50 years ago that straitened the lower Mo. River for Industry Barge
Navigation. The BSN took a 1500ft wide river and narrowed it to 300ft
wide and 9 foot deep, jetties put in place to stabilize the bank
increases river speed and forces the fast water in the ability to
maintain and sweep out sediment build up in the main Navigational
channel. This action of a narrower river and much faster has had dire
consequences when it comes to epic high waters. The 2011 Mo. River
Flood left a wide path of proof of that. But what Mo. is trying to do
under the cloak of advocating Flood control is nothing more than their
tactics to get more tax payer dollars to support Barge Industry
Navigational Infrastructure needs. Thats right, A spade is a spade.
Look at it like this. If Mo was so worried about Flood waters would
they even so much a mention Navigation in the same sentence Folks? But
they have and their legislation proves it.

Let me put some Financials out here for you. On the average Mo. River
Navigation generates 3 million dollars a year. 3 million. 95% of the 3
million is in the state of Mo. hauling sand taken from the river less
than 5 to 10 miles either way or to the nearest off load concrete
facility that then trucks it to the nearest plant. 3% goes to NE, 2% to
Iowa, even though somehow the state of Iowa hasn't seen a barge in
Sioux City terminal in over 10 years. ACE spends 6.5 million a year on
BSN, now think about that for a minute. They spend 6.5Million a year,
the Government does ( ACE ) on a Mo. River failed Navigational Industry
that only generates 3 million a year. That means every year they
operate and manage the Mo. River for navigation that puts the American
Tax payer on the Hook continuously for 3.5 million. ( IN THE RED ) Now
as I said the ACE spends 6.5 million a year on BSN THE ENTIRE system.
Million dollars. That is 1 of the most costly barges I have ever seen
that hauled fertilizer none the less.

However if the Mo Delegation legislation makes it through as an
Amendment in DC to some other Bill or a Rider in some other Bill buried
with in the mountain of pages of BS done at wee hours of the night, The
state of Mo. and it's DC delegation will continue to put the American
tax payer on the hook for life and continuously funding Failed

In closing OUR governments continued Mo. River Navigational Industry
bail out has cost American tax payers, farmers and business owners far
to much and to continue to do so is much like watching our government
take more of our hard earned Tax dollars and investing it in more Green
Energy technology that keep going bankrupt. In this case as long as the
state of Mo. and its delegation has a hand in your pocket book and the
ability to suck millions of tax payer dollars to support their failed
industry, they will never run out of money.

When is enough , enough folks? We must Not allow the Mo. Delegation the
ability to continuously write themselves a tax payer check at the
expense of all others.

Last and not least. Recreational Economics associated with Mo. River
generates 10x the revenues as Navigation and continues to grow as more
Fish & Wildlife habitat restoration investment continues. As it
continues it works to combat future flood impacts and mitigates impacts
down stream.

In closing I ask my Fellow Iowan's to contact their Washington DC
senators & representatives and advise them to not let the Mo.
Delegations , Mo, River ACE legislation pass or be hidden as a rider or
an amendment in any Bill. Ask them to be vigilant to stop the senseless
waste of tax payer funded Navigational Bail Out money on the Mo. River.
All they are trying to pull of here folks is a guaranteed hand in your
pocket every year and it means more money. You can also advise our Iowa
DC senators & Representatives that you support and wish to see MRAPS
fully funded to Finnish it's 21st century evaluation of each of the 8
authorized purposes of the ACE on the Mo. River. Let it be said that
such evaluation of each should stand on their own merits.

I thank my fellow Iowan's for their time, their efforts and I hope
their Support in Stopping the Mo. Delegation from taking more of our
hard earned tax dollars to fund their life long pet project.

Bill Smith
Sioux City Iowa
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