A lot od Working Decoy History here Boys

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A lot od Working Decoy History here Boys

Postby feathhd » Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:38 am

Link sent to me By Stu Maas.

I use to live with in 5 minutes of the Chesapeake Bays Waterfowl History museum and Carvers shop. I would watch the guys work their magic as they carved new decoys and would every week look on the rack at those for sale. Some would end up with splits and you could get some good deals. It is something everyone of us should have on the mantel if you will. A little bit of history of where we have come from.

Boy what I wouldn't do to live just 1 day during the prime meat market era. Just 1 day. Hell I would settle for 4 hours in the AM peak flights. Just to see it.

Anyway take a look at a lot of History gents.

http://issuu.com/mtjstevenson/docs/13a? ... doublePage
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