Conservation action is needed now

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Conservation action is needed now

Postby feathhd » Fri Jun 14, 2013 8:46 pm

Your action is needed now!

Tell Governor Branstad: We need every dollar the legislature approved for clean
water, conservation

[Conservation action is needed now.]

We need conservation progress now. Encourage the Governor to sign for every
conservation dollar he can!

Send a comment to the Governor ... l3bGEub3Jn

For many Iowans, our state's need for conservation action is clear. In April
and May alone, parts of our state experienced four to five times the amount of
soil erosion the government considers "tolerable" for a whole year. High
nitrate levels in polluted runoff threaten drinking water and aquatic life in
our rivers and lakes.

This year, bi-partisan majorities in the legislature approved significant
funding that is needed to address these challenges. Governor Branstad is
evaluating whether to sign or veto this spending in many areas, and your action
is needed to ask him to sign for every dollar approved right away.

You can use the Governor's online contact form to send him a message. We
provided a sample message to send to Governor Branstad below. ... l3bGEub3Jn

Projects to implement needed conservation practices on agricultural land are
waiting for funding. Projects to improve public enjoyment, access, and safety
at rivers, lakes, and in open spaces are waiting. Funding to protect Iowa's
water from harmful manure spills, protect the water you drink, and prevent
devastating erosion to Iowa's precious agricultural soils: It is all waiting
for the Governor's signature.

Tell Governor Branstad Iowa needs to put available funds to work right now for
clean water and a healthy environment. Ask him to sign for every dollar he can
today. ... l3bGEub3Jn

At the Iowa Environmental Council, we do not expect the funding approved this
year to fully address every threat to clean water Iowa faces. We continue to
work every day for effective public programs that produce measurable results you
can see and appreciate. However, this funding represents important progress Iowa

Your action is needed to encourage the Governor to sign for every dollar that
will move Iowa forward. ... YS5vcmc%3d


Dear Governor Branstad,

During this spring's heavy rains, Iowa suffered significant soil erosion, and
record-setting levels of nitrate harmed Iowa's rivers and drinking water sources
for several communities. Large portions of Iowa's landscape are not as well
prepared to prevent these problems as they need to be. Under these conditions,
the need for enhanced conservation action in Iowa is clear. You have before you
three bills, SF435, HF648, and HF638 that contain significant funds bi-partisan
majorities of legislators approved to support clean water and conservation
action in Iowa. I strongly encourage you to sign for every conservation dollar
contained in these bills right away.


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