Iowa Big River Restoration & Recovery Funding

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Iowa Big River Restoration & Recovery Funding

Postby feathhd » Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:17 pm

Folks I have gradually been working on the last bit of legislation for 2014. The one that I am working on would apply strictly to Restoring, Enhancing Iowa Rivers by applying a source of revenues generated to be strictly used as matching sources in Federal CREP revenues and Federal NAWCA support.

Looking at restoring Iowa's River systems to not only address water quality issues but address flooding issues and associated Native backwater and chute habitat losses.

Just a general description of the work that I am doing.

The issue I have is what sources could be associated with raising the revenues needed to do what needs to be done? All across the board with multiple sources as the option?

What are some of your guys ideas?

Remember 1 thing. This particular Fund will not be subject to state tax revenue appropriations annually for the fact that each and every fricken year we battle over the discretionary funding to do the conservation work that is needed in Iowa. So this is going to be permanently secured source and protected from other uses. Just as I have done on other conservation funding issues.

Thanks for your ideas in advance.

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