Iowa's Slice of Heaven on Earth, Ultimately it's fate in You

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Iowa's Slice of Heaven on Earth, Ultimately it's fate in You

Postby feathhd » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:04 pm

I write today to encourage every last one who reads it to engage in the debates that will Ultimately shape the future of your River. There is a plan folks to restore, enhance and protect what once was. Maybe not in it's entirety but certain reaches of the Mo. River could be that slice of Heaven we have experienced in other states. We will not get there if we as a whole, especially as one of the strongest and most vocal groups in Conservation do not step Forward to do what we ALL know is the Right thing to do on behalf of our Natural Resources and Future Generations of Iowa Sportsmen.

It is that little thing inside your head that has made you who you are to which , no matter what your pursuit in the outdoors, The Greatest Supporters of Conservation on this Earth. That mentality for all of us was Passed on to us from those who took time, made time to introduce us into the Great Outdoors. In not so many words that legacy was being passed on along with the responsibility to protect those Natural Resources and our Heritage as Sportsmen. Our mentors, idles plucked us up and took us under their wing as as the Next Generation of sportsmen who hopefully & ultimately would pass on our sport just as they had to you, to the next. They lead by example and for many of us, taught us well.

The Mo. River Restoration & Recovery project is a defining opportunity for us as sportsmen to step up and defend our Natural Resources and future Opportunities for the Next Generation of Sportsmen. It is truly as simple as that and I know & hope that you take the time, make the time to Submit your letter of Support for Shallow Water Habitat Restoration Efforts along the reach of the Mo. River of Iowa.

Get Involved


William J. Smith
Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association
Sioux City Iowa
5309 hwy 75n lot 44

There is an attached File that can be viewed here of the Entire Restoration and Recovery Project of the Big Mo. River. However as many of you know restoration work is easier said than done as we as sportsmen know all to well with those who do not want to see one acre of habitat saved, restored period.

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