Your Not thinking about it yet

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Your Not thinking about it yet

Postby feathhd » Mon Jul 15, 2013 5:56 am

With a potential Teal Season looming for the 2014 season many duck hunters for the first time in a long time will have more flexibility when thinking about structuring their Regular Duck season or not.

Just throwing it out there for many folks to talk about in the blind this season.

You get Early Teal season Opportunity, from what we know thus far is that it could be 5 to 9 days. Those 5 or 9 days are Free and do not count as Regular Duck season days because it is a Special season structure. Generally state can start that season September 4th if they want and if it is a liberal teal season structure in our case we can start that season anytime from September 4th to September 19. Some place in there we would put those potential 5 to 9 days.

With that said you Now have the opportunity to think about when you would start your regular duck season structure or not. Maybe in Northern Iowa you take your 5 days and start it the 2nd week of October run if for 5 and then shut down to build back up duck numbers before your 2nd opener.

In any case however you think about it, as a duck hunter if we do get some early teal season opportunities, we will have far greater ability and flexibility when it comes to setting a season that is much better as a whole.

Where do you use your split? You Never really had that choice but if you get a teal season, you will have that tool to use that otherwise was burnt to provide early ops.

Something to talk about this duck season why in the field or on the water with your hunting buddies.
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