My Response to Rep Dave Loebsack Over another Flood Bureaucr

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My Response to Rep Dave Loebsack Over another Flood Bureaucr

Postby feathhd » Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:41 pm

Mr. Loebsack I find your comments and ideas about Iowa Flooding very Offensive and I am going to tell you WHY.

As a politician of Iowa, your idea to create another paper tiger, pencil pushing do Nothing but waste tax payer money agency sickens me.

We already know what is driving the increased Flooding in Iowa but you dare not mention it. We already know what needs to be done but you Refuse to do it. We already have the tools to solve the problems of flooding but you continue to keep our conservation programs at a huge financial disadvantage why in the same stroke of a pen increase the Incentive structures for increased row crop production.

However as you talk out the side of your mouth to make it appear that your deeply concerned about Iowa flooding and the tax payer liabilities associated with disaster recovery, You and other Iowa Congressmen are in DC killing every conservation program that is needed to help Reduce and Solve Iowa's Flooding problem. Here is a prime example that what your proposing is nothing more than continued waste of tax payer Dollars.

In 1993 General Galloway issued a Flood Report. That's right he sure did and in that Report he Outlined everything that needed to be done to Mitigate future flooding. Every last recommendation he made in that Report applies to Every last one of Iowa's Rivers. What did you do with his Report? Shelf it after the public outcry over flooding subsided? That's what you guys do in Congress, especially from Iowa. Every time we have a flood you guys are standing in line to grab the Microphone and speak from the Pulpit. After you have milked every minute you can from the mic and the crowd has dwindled, you guys from Iowa in congress GO RIGHT BACK to the way business was conducted prior to a flood, that is unless it's time for another election and you needs some Mic time to gain some PR points.

I am just a simple Tax payer of Iowa who has grown tired of Iowa Congressmen Blowing smoke up my chimney. You talk about saving tax payers money but yet Support spending tax payer money on a bunch of pencil pushers to talk about flooding in Iowa. As a tax payer why don't you try spending tax payer money on solving the problem where it exists. Out on the Iowa Agricultural landscape, not in some conference room on paper?

You are by the way the same Mr. Dave Lobesack who signed a congressional letter drafted by Mo. Reps that Killed MRAPS on the Mo. River. Which was to Review the 8 authorized purposes of the Mo. River. That study / report was to evaluate all 8 authorized purposes on their own merits. This report would have shown congress that some of those authorized purposes could have been eliminated and that tax payers money better allocated into Flood mitigation efforts. What did you do? You signed on to a letter drafted by the state of Mo. Reps that would Kill MRAPS and bury any possible chance of actually addressing Future Flooding of the Mo. River.

Rep Steve King I think is cut from the same cloth as you as he recently made an amendment that seeks to Stop / kill any efforts to Restore Shallow water habitat on the Mo. River. We are talking areas cut off from the river that would be reconnected to the river allowing the river more storage capacity in the event of Flooding. Nah he wants the river to be forced to rise out if its banks to get to these old water storage areas why at the same time jeopardizing all who live with in the basin.

I am just a simple Iowa Tax Payer WHO CAN NO LONGER AFFORD YOUR GUYS POLITICAL public pr stunts that do nothing but continue to waste tax payer dollars and put our lives at risk, our homes at risk, our businesses at risk our futures at risk.

You want to learn something for Free? Read General Galloways 1993 Flood Report. Save us tax payers the millions you would spend in the creation of this National Flood Research and Education Center sink hole and spend it in doing what General Galloway Recommended to congress as actions in addressing Future Floods. Over the long term if you did that, you would Save TAX Payers Billions. I suspect based on the history of you guys out of Iowa, your not about solving Flood problems, Your good at Kicking the Can down the road to nowhere until the Next Flood Crisis arrives. Mic Time!


William J. Smith
Sioux City Iowa
5309 hwy 75n Lot 44
Conservation Policy Adviser / Advocate
Mo. River Unit

Feel Free to call me anytime as I can help you understand what is going on out on the Iowa landscape and what isn't. I suspect you already know because you didn't even mention it in your National Flood Research and Education Center Act (NFERC). Letter. Just encase, I will Include the link so you can review the report. Maybe the letters need to be in big bold 2" letter format, I don't know but you should read it. Make sure you pass it along to Rep Steve King. I do Find your proposed Act funny. You want to create a research center to study solutions for flooding. Why on earth would we do that? We already know as tax payers that any Report you get, any recommendations you get WILL DO NOTHING BUT COLLECT DUST. Just like the General Galloway Report has. Bing Bing Bing Bing BING!

Dave Loebsacks National Flood Research & Education center Letter:

Friday, August 9, 2013 Website | Forward to a Friend
Dear Friend,
This spring, Iowa again saw rising rivers and streams across the State due to record levels of rainfall. As Iowans, the threat of flooding never seems far away, and it’s only getting worse. Each time waters begin to rise, thoughts of 2008 and the devastation that families and communities suffered quickly returns. This year the rising waters once again sent communities scrambling to prepare for the worst and thousands of acres of farmland sat underwater, unable to be planted. The rising waters also sent another check from the federal government to help cover the necessary disaster costs of preparing and recovery. We can do better.
In Iowa, folks like those at the Iowa Flood Center and the University of Iowa are doing work that is helping Iowa communities prepare better and smarter for flooding. This success is already at work saving our communities money, time, and resources. The entire country should follow Iowa’s lead in planning better and smarter for flooding in order to help families and communities, and achieve significant, long-term savings to the federal government. This is why last week I introduced the National Flood Research and Education Center Act (NFERC). This bill would create a National Flood Center to study ways to better predict and prevent flooding, and provide valuable information to the public.
Flooding is costing taxpayers billions of dollars a year for preparation and recovery. The prediction and prevention tools from a National Flood Center would help prevent damage and allow our communities to better allocate resources such as sand bags, machinery, volunteers, and temporary flood walls. Every year flooding costs taxpayers, and the new technologies and methods already being put to use in Iowa could save our country untold millions.
As Iowans, we have experienced the devastation that flooding can bring. I believe through a National Flood Center we can help prevent similar devastation across the country and in Iowa. We don’t need to wait for the next devastation to act. No time is better than now to get a National Flood Center into action to save lives and resources, and achieve significant long-term savings. I look forward to chatting more about my bill with you in Iowa soon.

Dave Loebsack
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