Your Action to Stop USFWS from Stripping Iowa of Revenue

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Your Action to Stop USFWS from Stripping Iowa of Revenue

Postby feathhd » Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:17 pm

Ok folks this is Your shot to stop the USFWS from stripping Iowa of it's annual 2 MILLION DOLLARS in federal duck stamp revenues that are spent in Managing WPA acres in Iowa, Restoring wetland acres, Enhancing acres and Ultimately Protecting for future Iowa Waterfowlers.

This action would also help us Maintain Priority status & ranking with in NAWCA which generates an additional 1 million dollars a year in restoring, enhancing and protecting migratory habitat in Iowa. This effort / program with partners in Iowa has helped generate 3 to 4 million dollars a year that is directly invested into Iowa's wetlands and waterfowl hunting.

If you Support this effort to STOP The USFWS from stripping us of our revenues that greatly enhance our waterfowl habitat, waterfowl duck production and Hunting opportunities,

Please go to Your state Senators website and send them an e mail indicating that You want them to stop the USFWS from stealing Iowa's Federal Duck Stamp Revenues. Send your DC Representative the same message requesting that they get involved to protect your interests in Iowa. The fact of the matter is simple, If You Dont Do it, nobody will and once it is lost it will be next to impossible to regain it. This choice is yours Folks, it is as simple as that as if we don't stop this, it will have far reaching negative impacts for us all and the state of Iowa's duck hunting future.

I have been working with Senator Chuck Grassley on this Issue so make sure you send him your letter.

Bill Smith

If for some reason you do not think of what I say as true, Please pick up the phone and give the Iowa Department Of Natural Resources a call and ask them how will these actions impact you and impact Iowa wetland habitat restoration efforts. Call the Wildlife Division and speak to the Director Gipp, Deputy Director Bruce or Bureau Chief Dale Garner. You want the facts folks ASK and you will understand the big impact said action will have on us all.
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