Expanding Flood Mitigation Efforts & Habitat Mo. River basin

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Expanding Flood Mitigation Efforts & Habitat Mo. River basin

Postby feathhd » Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:40 pm

Subject: Flood Mitigation in the Lower Mo. River Reach IA / IDEA ( Thoughts )?

ACE could come in and Roll out a New Plan to Mitigate future Flood Waters in the lower Mo. River region.

1: Identify Key reaches of the river where Mitigation would be beneficial to lessening down stream flood impacts.

2: Present these areas of Interest to the Associated Landowners.

3: Ace to foot the cost of the Mitigation project why land remains in ownership of the said private land owner.

4: Some acres may be developed to take on flood waters why the vast majority could remain farm able, acres used specifically as mitigation should see a reduced property tax assessment.

5: To compensate for this loss fairly, said county should along with private landowners adopt a Mitigation Recreational permit. These permits would be issued to the public for purchase to access these mitigation sites based on their recreational opportunity they provide. 80% OF THIS RECREATIONAL PERMIT FEE IS TO GO TO SAID PRIVATE LAND OWNERS why 20% to go directly to the county to compensate for potential property tax loss.

6: This added incentive creates an economic benefit to the landowner and may encourage greater Flood Mitigation participation. Said mitigated acres are to be perpetual and recreational fee agreement only would apply to the private land owner who initiated said agreement.

7: 20% and not greater should go to County property tax and shall remain as such in perpetuity.

8: Upon the transfer of said acres to another farmer or private entity those acres are to remain in perpetual Flood Mitigation easement and said acres shall remain in the Flood Mitigation Recreational access program but said revenues should not , shall not go to new ownership.

9: Instead said revenues should go back into the program to increase recreational incentive structure payments that could boost Flood Mitigation efforts with other potential landowners presently not enrolled in any Flood Mitigation with in the Mo. River Valley of Iowa.

10: States could contribute Habitat & Duck Stamp Revenues as a supplemental 1 time source for initial enrollment. X incentive associated with Upland Cover, x incentive associated to Permanent wetland or shallow lake restoration and x associated Incentive for both on target site.

11: Associated sportsmen revenues should only be applied to said Flood mitigation acres that are open to public access and provide said opportunity associated to incentive structure paid.

12: Additional recreational development opportunities with in these mitigation acres should be provided to private land owners for consideration, to include Horse Trails, Snowmobile trails, low maintenance Camping facilities, development of recreational Boat access points, cross country ski trails. These additional options purpose is to increase the potential of public participation and Financial support for the Flood Mitigation Recreational Program to boost incentive structure payments associated to said acres for the direct economic benefit of said landowners.

13: The By-products of this effort would increase Flood Mitigation Acres with in the Mo. River Iowa Basin, Increase recreational opportunity, increase recreational tourism to the region, increase tax revenue receipts of rural businesses, county and state, increase habitat on the landscape where traditional conservation measures / programs have not been able to reach, incorporate the North American Farmer into the North American Wildlife Management Business plan as they share in the economic benefits associated with the conservation practices they implement on their Flood Mitigation acres.

14: With any potential Increase in the Federal Duck stamp, a selected % of those increased resources should be directed to said Flood Mitigation acres along North Americas Major Rivers where permanent wetland restoration is to be implemented on Flood Mitigation acres. Again this would be a 1 time supplemental revenue and only associated to said acres that are open to public access..

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this as a means to Truly Combat Flooding Issues along Our Major North American Rivers in the Midwest. If to some level this is accomplished we may very well do far more in Addressing the Gulf Coast Hypoxia problem than we could by any other means or in combination. Not only that but we would be able to increase Habitat Inventories where traditional measures have failed and continue to fail. Why in combination by such effort we would be able to increase our Recreational Economy associated with the Mo. River that is Sustainable and perpetual.


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