Solving Iowa's Flooding and Non-Point source Water Issues

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Solving Iowa's Flooding and Non-Point source Water Issues

Postby feathhd » Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:14 am

As a constituent of the state of Iowa I have watched, I have listened and I have read just about Every action,debate between said Committees, agencies or other over Iowa's continued problems as it relates to Flooding, Water quality, Non point source contamination.That is a Fact so I will point out 1 major failure by ALL, legislature to be included as they have the absolute power to correct the Failure.

Voluntary Conservation Compliance to address our states Flooding issues and Water Quality issues, Failure, Agriculture fears Mandatory Conservation Compliance regulations, just about every committee in one way shape or form has pushed for more regulations / standards as if those actions alone would address our associated problems. Has it and you should think about that answer and truly be honest with yourself. However I am going to point to each of you the Biggest Failure of All ,that is and has been and continues to be a major leading cause in OUR inability to address Iowa's Flooding issues and Non Point source issues. ( CREP ) <---- Remember this in every Water Quality discussion or Iowa Flooding discussion. You should because it is by far our Biggest weakness in addressing our states Flooding problems & Non Point source problems. That is a Fact and the Numbers don't lie.

Look at what the Program does, Look at the Federal Match Ratio to state contribution benefit. 4 TO 1 ... &topic=cep

Our state is noted as the most altered landscape in North America, Our state is noted as 1 of the major contributing factors in the Gulf Coast Hypoxia issue, our state has seen continued Flooding and increases in Non-Point source contamination of our waters. Is it by accident that our states CREP program is also one of the weakest in the Country? I couldn't make this up if I tried. That is a FACT and you don't have to take my word for it just Review the Fact sheets of every state around Iowa who's CREP budget and state Contribution level that is greater than ours. ... #P117_4518

With state budget surpluses as they are, WE as a state should have a CREP budget NO LESS than $150 million. That is a 1 time state investment of no less than 40 million that generates a USDA federal match of 4 to 1 putting our State CREP program budget at 160 million over a 15 year span.

You want to Solve Iowa's Flooding problems? You want to solve Iowa's Water Quality problems, You want to Solve Non-Point Source issues, You want to Solve over Regulation fears, ADVOCATE & ACCOMPLISH a 150 million dollar Iowa CREP budget.

Please share this info with said Committees and members of said committees and other legislative members.


William J. Smith
Sioux City Iowa
5309 hwy 75n lot 44

Now as a Iowa Constituent you have the opportunity to Echo the above message simply by Copying and Pasting the above message and sending it to these contacts. Dont forget to sign your name to the letter.;;;;;;;; ****;;;;;;;
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