Next week with Gov Office

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Next week with Gov Office

Postby feathhd » Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:13 pm

Sometime next week I will be having a conversation with the Gov staff if not him personally over a few issues. 1 of the big ones is going to request that the IDNR Fish & Wildlife Bureau chief position remain based on Qualifications, background in Fish & Wildlife Management. Do not WANT this position being a political appointed position PERIOD. I may certainly need everyone's support on this to save that aspect of fish & wildlife management with in that very specific Division and our sporting revenues.

Stay tuned on this as I will Report after I have my conversations with him on this.

Subject number 2 is going to be about USFWS potentially making promises that the USFWS has absolutely NO CONTROL OVER AS IN ALLOCATION / DISTRIBUTION OF Gulf Coast Restore Act Revenues. I dont know exactly word for word how it played out but our Gov and Lt Gov if I recall right may have been told 1 thing to get them looking one way why the train leaves the building. We could potential get nothing but the bag. This is in reference to The Annual Federal Duck Stamp revenues we get as a duck production state vs a 1 time potential allocation of Restore Act revenues.

Now here is what I am thinking. The only play on Restore Act Revenues for Iowa and the USFWS is to take said revenues to help Iowa fight it's Non-Point source water contamination issues which are the biggest contributing factor in the Gulf Coast Hypoxia problem ( Dead Zone ) The Gov may be looking at the multi Billion dollar Restore Act and see strait cherries. Typical politicians always try to figure out ways to get a bit of the pie or their eyes light up as the 1st whisper of a potential 1 TIME money shot.

There is a host a problems here with the above. 1 Gulf Coast Sates are NOT going to just hand over a dime of Restore Act revenues to Iowa or any other state not Impacted by the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Thats number 1. I know as I talk with the leadership with in the Vanishing Paradise Int who ARE the ones responsible for the Restore Act and the large coalition of businesses and sporting groups.

As I stated any influx of revenues coming from that to Iowa may be lets say 20 million when compared to the Federal Duck Stamp Annual 2 Million might seem large but it will be a 1 time shot vs the federal duck stamp allocation being a stable source of 2 million every year. Short changed is what we will be.

The next problem is, Federal Duck Stamp revenues are spent directly for the benefit of waterfowl and waterfowlers. How much do you think of the Restore Act revenues will go to benefit Waterfowl and waterfowlers of Iowa? If I was a betting man based on the only angle to this ( Hypoxia ) waterfowl and Iowa waterfowlers will get zero benefit as that money may very well be spent and allocated to Iowa to address it's Hypoxia contribution issues to the Gulf Coast.

Again you may get absolutely Nothing out of the deal. Next is the down grade from a priority region which would undercut our ability to rank higher when applying for federal NAWCA grants. Just to put it into perspective. If 1 grant of 1 Million is made to our 4 to 6 million in matching partner contributions, you can see that the potential gesture to the Gov & Lt Gov of Iowa could be very misleading and certainly as a waterfowling community be it wetland & waterfowl habitat and hunting opportunities WE GET A BIG FAT ASS ZERO.

Those 2 issues as far as Iowa wetlands, Waterfowl Management, waterfowl and Protection of the Fish & Wildlife Division Bureau Chief position. IS WITHOUT A DOUBT SOMETHING WE AS WATERFOWLERS SHOULD NOT TAKE LIGHTLY. These are very serious issues that have the ability to cripple us as a waterfowling community and certainly cripple our ability to restore and protect any meaningful waterfowl habitat in this state, NOW & FUTURE.

Other ranging issues will be Mo. River Boat Access, Iowa's River Restoration and Investment Act or Fund. Temporary Migratory Habitat Initiative. A lot to talk about and I have said enough.

Stay Tuned to the Top 2 issues of concern. I will certainly post that up as I move forward. Right now its time to touch base with some senators and Representatives over pending actions.
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