Protecting Your Public Deer Herd

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Protecting Your Public Deer Herd

Postby feathhd » Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:36 am

Hey folks I have been following a case of CWD here in Iowa on one of our High fence game farms and I need your help.

As a Deer hunter of the state if a high fence game ranch deer herd has CWD should your PUBLIC Resources
( Free Ranging Deer ) be protected from the infected location so that your public resources ( Free Ranging Deer heard ) are not put at Risk? If so then here is what I need you to do as a PUBLIC DEER HUNTER.

This so called deer farm owner who lost his heard to CWD now wants to remove his High Fence since he cannot operate his business for a few years. This action ultimately puts your public resources at greater risk of seeing the disease spread to the public herd. This could ultimately impact our public resources and create a much bigger problem in trying to contain the issue and control it. If you Support forcing this game farm to maintain the High Fence as a precautionary measure to protecting your public resources please send IDNR Bureau Chief Dale Garner a letter of your Support stating that as a public Deer Hunter your resources should not be placed at Higher risk and the maintenance of the high fence should remain in place as a measure to protect our public Deer Herd from entering the infected facility.

Send your letter of Support Folks so as to protect OUR PUBLIC RESOURCES to

Again I thank you for your time, your help and your Support on this issue.

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