Here are the 2 Legislative Conservation Drafts I done

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Here are the 2 Legislative Conservation Drafts I done

Postby feathhd » Sat Jan 04, 2014 10:27 am

Here is how I would Draft a Non-Resident 2 Day Waterfowl Lic as an Option that would generate a little more revenue for our waterfowl habitat and management needs. However I wouldn't expect a huge bump in Revenue. I would expect that most of the revenue we would gain by this lic option would be from Family Members & Friends who come to Iowa during the Holidays.

As a protection to annual NR lic buyers who hunt Iowa more than twice or who hunt our states early season the 2 day NR waterfowl lic option would be exempt from applying to the 1st week of our Openers, 1st & 2nd segment. This would also protect Resident waterfowl hunters from those potential fears of crowding issues as it relates to the highest use days / periods by residents during the Iowa waterfowl season.

The price of this 2 Day NR waterfowl lic option would be about $5 dollars more than what WE pay for our annual lic. The excess revenues gained would then be directed to OUR Wetland & Upland GAME BIRD ACCOUNT where said revenues are specifically allocated to be used for matching revenues in Grants that Restore, Enhance and Acquire NEW / Additional habitat for permanent Protection and Public Recreation.

That is basically the Draft folks. Would you Support That with those protections built in as a means to protect your Opportunity as it is Today?

My 2nd Idea is to Create a Spring NR Snow Goose Lic Option for NR ( Non -Residents ) roughly the same price as the 2 day NR regular season lic option. I would like to move towards setting those Revenues aside as a initial Source of revenues that are Specifically used to Enhance, Restore, acquire and permanently protect Waterfowl Habitat on Iowa's Rivers for Public Recreational Opportunity. This revenue stream would be used as match for any matching grant opportunity to compound our revenues so that WE could accomplish more restoration and target larger tracts for improvement / Enhancement, Restoration of Migratory habitat on our Rivers.

Again this is my basic draft folks. Would you Support that with those specific allocations in mind?

Again Thanks Folks

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