Waterfowl Working Group Members Meeting in March

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Waterfowl Working Group Members Meeting in March

Postby feathhd » Fri Feb 14, 2014 10:58 pm

The next Waterfowl working group meeting is scheduled for March 27th. The agenda for the meeting has not been finalized but the focus will be on reviewing options for this fall’s waterfowl season as well as hearing updates from the Flyway Council technical meetings and from the North American Fish and Wildlife conference.

Just letting you all know, as a member of the Waterfowl Working Group I will be there. If you have anything that is of importance to you as a waterfowl hunter and of the Mo. Valley Region, please advise me of your concerns. I do have some questions for you myself.

If Iowa obtains a teal only season structure x number of days in early September would you be supportive of reducing the 5 day early season down to just a Sat & Sunday opener, shift the 3 days from the early duck season to the end of the second segment?

What this would allow us to do is finally get our season to close on a weekend, giving folks an added weekend of opportunity ,that last opportunity to get out and shoot a few ducks vs being forced to work during the week and watch the season close without every firing a shot. What is your thoughts on this?

If Iowa is allowed a teal season option, these days do not count as regular duck season days. They are free-bee's folks so lets just say they allow us 9 teal season only days, that's 9 days plus our normal 60 regular duck season days = 69 total days vs the present 60.

I look forward to hearing from you all by e mail or by phone.
Feel free to call anytime day or night 24/7/365


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