Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association Send Letter to NRC Membe

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Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association Send Letter to NRC Membe

Postby feathhd » Fri Mar 28, 2014 9:55 pm

Below is information that is very Relevant to the Request that is being made. Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association Request the NRC move M-T-W of the Early season to the End of the late season structure that is being proposed for the 2014-15 Iowa Waterfowl Season.

The statements below on the proposed third waterfowl hunting zone were sent to wildlife and enforcement staff by me as part of the first step in developing migratory game bird regulations in 2012. Wildlife and enforcement staff will meet in the next two weeks to discuss the third zone and many other hunting regulations issues.
A third waterfowl hunting zone is proposed for a portion of the Missouri River valley. The Missouri River Zone would include all the lands and waters in the state of Iowa west of Interstate 29. The duck and goose seasons in this zone are proposed to be a week later than the South Zone. Resident hunters who paid the Migratory Bird Fee in 2011, who indicated they hunted ducks in 2010 when answering the Harvest Information Program questions, and who provided an address with a zip code that intersected a line 30-miles east of the center of the Missouri River (N=1,520), were sent a postage-paid survey card on which they could indicate their preference for creating a new duck hunting zone west of Interstate 29 with season dates a week later than the South Zone. Eighty percent ( 80% ) of the respondents (38% response rate) indicated the DNR should create this new zone.

Guy Zenner
Waterfowl Research Biologist
Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources
1203 N. Shore Drive
Clear Lake, IA 50428

Our Additional reasoning for this simple request can also be reflected by reviewing 2013 Waterfowl counts of the Mo. River Ox-Bows October 9th vs December 18th bird Numbers. It is perfectly with in reason to Request the above change based on the bird numbers in the 3RD zone region at that time. The added benefit also provides Duck Hunters of the region that much needed Added weekend to take advantage of the birds that are here during that time vs the few that are in the region earlier. For many duck hunters in the region, The weekends are about the only time they get to hunt because of the Normal work week and shorter Day light hours. We are Requesting this change and look forward to the NRC members response to this simple request.

Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association will also be Supporting South Zone Duck Hunters who also will be requesting that change.. That Support is based on the Mo. Valley 3rd zone that was Originally proposed being reduced by more than 75%. That means a large portion of that 80% that Supported a 3rd zone with later dates who ended up with 0. This Request is being made based on the responses I have gotten to the proposed dates the IDNR has presented as Tentative 2014-15 Iowa Waterfowl season dates.

South zone proposed changes
Sep 6 to 21 Teal Season
1st seg Oct 4 - 5
2nd seg Oct 18 - Dec 14

Mo River Zone Proposed changes
Sep 6 to 21 Teal season
1st seg Oct 4 - 5
2nd seg Oct 25 - Dec 21


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