Iowa Rivers Restoration Program Moves Forward

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Iowa Rivers Restoration Program Moves Forward

Postby feathhd » Thu Apr 17, 2014 7:11 pm

More info on the $2 million Rebuild “RIIF” appropriation for Rivers:

The “RIIF” bill approved by the full Senate includes $2 million -- $1 million for the Low-Head Dam Mitigation and Water Trails Program, and $1 million to launch an Iowa River Restoration Program. The House Appropriations Committee. bill would appropriate all $2 million to the Low-Head Dam and Water Trails Program. Iowa Rivers Revival prefers the Senate version with River Restoration, and we hope that can be achieved in conference committee. But the key so far is that both House and Senate versions include $2 million for river-related programs.

The Low-head Dam Mitigation and Water Trail funding would provide ongoing cost-share opportunities to communities to address unsafe, aging and failing low-head dams -- resulting in safer access, improved river ecology, and more recreational opportunities. The funds also would support designated water trails, including river access points, signage, trip guidance and information, and more awareness of river issues.

The Senate version would provide $1 million to launch Iowa’s River Restoration work. It would specify that $300,000 of the $2 million appropriation is designated for developing a State of Iowa River Restoration Program, and $700,000 for cost-share dollars to assist with river restoration demonstration projects. IRR hopes to have that language in the final negotiated bill.

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