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Postby feathhd » Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:22 pm

To a select few who may think this is like beating a dead horse. Its not beating a dead horse. It does have a purpose. Bailey, You take the change where you can get it established and then down the road a few years it might be easier than we have experienced. Could be played into the bigger picture later and certainly could be considered an option that has some data to support it.

So for every single person who Supports a 3rd zone, your support is NEEDED to bring about a change in the present 3rd zone structure.

I am asking my fellow duck hunters to Support the Mo. River zone (3rd zone ) in its request to shift, Monday ,Tuesday, Wednesday to the end of the Mo. River zones season structure, picking up the added weekend. The Mo. River zone opener dates should remain as Saturday & Sunday as presently proposed.

Here is what it would look like:

3rd zone : Mo River Zone

Sep 6 to 21 Teal season
1st seg Oct 4 - 5
2nd seg Oct 25 - Dec 21

Youth Season Sep 27-28
Canada geese & brant Oct 11 - Jan 16
White Fronts Oct 11 - Dec 23
Light geese Oct 11 Jan 16

Even if you guys do not directly hunt this 3rd zone as it present is but Support a 3rd zone and later dates. This action you take Today can down the road as an option be utilized as a choice for a potential larger 3rd zone. At the very least data can be collected during the 2 years leading up to the larger discussion.

So with no further beating of the dead horse I ask my fellow late season hunters, my fellow 3rd zone supporters for their help and Support for the only 3rd zone late season structure we do have. All you have to do is e mail these folks and please do CC my ass so I know exactly how many have sent in a response to the above. These e mails have to be sent this week and all of next week. The sooner the better and please advise your hunting counter parts to join in Support. The more we get the better it will be.


Here is your NRC e mail list.
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