Ahh, the joy's of public ground

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Ahh, the joy's of public ground

Postby duckdog » Mon Oct 03, 2005 10:49 pm

Went out Sunday morning with my boy goose hunting, got to the lake at 5:30 in the morning, and there was one other vehicle there, no big deal plenty of room for everybody, we hunted off an island, got decoy's set up, tucked in on shore, drinking a soda, and see that the other people are set up on a near by island. Plenty of room in between us, they had a fire going, figured they camped out to get there spot. Well when shooting hour's rolled around they still had there fire going, which I found a litttle odd, then I could see they had two tent's set up. Crud they are camping, sitting by the fire, choping on wood with an axe, dog running around barking. Needless to say that we did'nt shoot any geese that day, they wanted in, but as soon as they seen the camper's they took off. Did manage to call some woodie's into the geese decoy's ( duck season is closed :thumbsdown: ). But I guess that is the chance you take when you go out on public ground, and I guess they were there first. Share, and share alike, right. Pertty soon it will be getting to cold for camping :yes:
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Postby KC/WL » Tue Oct 04, 2005 4:34 pm

well duckdog it seems as tho you are just about the only reporter on this site. I guess your reports will go pretty much unnoticed. That is unfotunate on the goose outing with your son. The way the weather sounds you should be at that same spot tomorrow.
It sounds like there have been a few geese getting educated this season. I think it is kind of funny how everyone is happy with killing the dumb geese later on in the season when you don't have to deal with the campers it will be more of a challenge.
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