First coyote 2 nite!!!

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First coyote 2 nite!!!

Postby duckdog » Thu Oct 13, 2005 9:44 pm

Coming home from work this evening, I drove by a pasture with some round bale's in it, and there was a coyote snoozing away on top of one of them. I pulled the truck over, and started rumaging through my shell's to see what I had, found some Kent 3" bb's, loaded up, and snuck up on him, got with in 35 yard's, and his head perked up, and bolted off the bale. Shot him with one load, and down he went. This is my first coyote, so I was pertty happy with it. There seem's to be alot of them around, the other night a guy I know called three of them within 20 yard's, and dumped all of them with a shotgun. Keep banging away at the predator's, and save a duck!!!
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