Anyone excited for this weekend?

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Re: Anyone excited for this weekend?

Postby WF1 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:49 pm

For some of us, the land we have permission on are better for late season ducks vs early season. I hunt primarily about 25-30 miles from the famous marshes in ks and have seen maybe 20 ducks total using them at any one time. I don't have the ability to grow a consistent food source so my spots are more loafing once the mallards/pins have fed in the fields and come back to water. Once the marshes freeze up and the mallards are here is when it gets good for me, so to each his own.
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Re: Anyone excited for this weekend?

Postby cluckmeister » Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:19 pm

John, I also like the calling/working the Mallards and I have had more than my share of this part of duck hunting the last 40 years. Im to the point though that I find it more challanging to try and land the other species. So far this year Ive hunted an average of 2 times a week, during Teal, Early Zone and now Late Zone and have used a Mallard call probably a total of 3 times. Ive found learning the other calls to be both challanging and rewarding. So I guess with this in mind its all good stuff and has been here since Sept 7.

Good and safe hunting to you
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