Out Of Staters?

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Re: Out Of Staters?

Postby cluckmeister » Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:01 pm

(Forgive me, for this long time KS duck hunter is frustrated with the circus that has become public duck hunting in this state.)
This 40 year duck hunter has the same frustration so I guess I need forgiven as well.

With that said, I have to say overcrowding isn't an new problem, I remember the days back in the 70s when a person could shoot 10 ducks on the 100 point system, Cheyenne Bottoms was so over crowded, hunters were taking turns standing inline in the cold to get a blind and a lot of hunters were turned away do to filling all the blinds up. McPherson didn't exist and neither did a lot of other areas that are now waterfowl meccas. I remember hunting a local reservoir where a guy had to go 4 hours early to get his spot. The biggest problem we have today is hunter ethics, these new duck dynasty hunters don't have a clue what the word ethics mean, they are there to kill something. They could care less about watching a sunrise, watching a marsh come alive with 5,000 black birds etc. Kill Something the only 2 words in their vocabulary. Ive wondered all year why it takes a 31/2 inch mag to kill a duck, Ive shot my share of ducks in 40 years with a standard 23/4 non magnum shell. On second thought I do know why they need the big shell, its because theyre pass shooting ducks 100 yards out and a 100 yards high. Maybe I shouldn't call them duck dynasty hunters because I have feeling Phil Robertson knows what the word ethic means, so, I guess I will just call them slob hunters
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Re: Out Of Staters?

Postby kswaterfowler » Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:35 pm

I've had the same problems many of you have had on public ground. Not so much with out of staters but instead local guys. Last week had guys trying to pass shoot ducks and canada geese that were pushing 100 yards up in the air. Also was out scouting a public marsh the other evening watching thousands of ducks go into it to only have someone shoot at them 20+ minutes after legal shooting time. When he got to his truck told him he was shooting quite a bit after legal shooting time, he just shrugged his shoulders and said "i thought it was, but who cares." It'd be nice to see more hunters having respect for others and not messing up a public marsh after shooting time.
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Re: Out Of Staters?

Postby radfordc » Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:58 pm

cluckmeister wrote:Maybe I shouldn't call them duck dynasty hunters because I have feeling Phil Robertson knows what the word ethic means, so, I guess I will just call them slob hunters

Considering the Robertson's passion and dedication to duck hunting it's somewhat of a shame that "Duck Dynasty Hunters" has become a curse word for many these days.

The essence of the problem is too many hunters in too few hunting areas. We are all territorial and possessive by nature and it brings out the worst in us at times.
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Re: Out Of Staters?

Postby fireman1293 » Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:37 pm

I hunt KS, MO and AR but live in Mo. I enjoy these forums, but out of the three state forums the last OOS hunter post for Mo was Feb.2013 about hunting snows. Guys travel to hunt to chase different types of birds, KS has more cranes, specks than MO, AR has flooded timber and if you want a different experience you have to travel. I don't mind OOS hunters or having plenty of hunters on public land it keeps the birds moving. I DO hate sky blasters and guys that don't respect your space, but that isn't only OOS hunters. I feel its not Duck Commanders fault, its the fact that nobody has showed them any different. Its never going to change so why complain about it and OOS boost the economy for your area. I'm sorry for bad experience that people have with OOS hunters, I'm sure I've had mine as well. But I've seen more with my kind.

BTW, Mo is holding a ton of birds and Truman lake is a great place to hunt when it gets cold. :thumbsup:
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