How's the duck hunting in Kansas?

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How's the duck hunting in Kansas?

Postby lsuengineer » Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:10 am

What's going on guys? Louisiana boy here just stopping by.

My uncle works 7 and 7 and hunts a lease he has in Kansas hard when he is off. Kills some very nice deer. I've thought about going up with him a time or two and maybe doing some duck hunting.

In Louisiana we have lots of pressure on public grounds, and good private grounds are expensive out the wazoo if you can even get them. What's the situation in Kansas? Is it crowded? Can you hunt private land after getting permission? (down here in LA they would laugh and send you on your way)

If anyone could provide some assistance that would be great. I have a 16 foot flat with an outboard and 2 kayaks, if that helps in answering.

Appreciate it!
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Re: How's the duck hunting in Kansas?

Postby reconcoupe » Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:19 am

The public land in Kansas compared to say, where I'm from Idaho, Is very small. I've had good experience with private land, getting permission ect but usually isn't quality land, but sometimes worth it. The price for leases blow my mind, coming from Idaho where people laugh at you for TRYING to lease out land. But still honestly prefer public. Some areas of the state I hear is very overcrowded, but I can only take peoples word for that. In my area (low plains late zone, Fort Riley/Milford), I don't see alot of OOSer's, other than Military, but I've also ran into some of the most inconsiderate locals as well. I wouldn't classify waterfowl hunting this part of Kansas as worthy of a cross state lines drive. Same as anywhere else I suppose. So basically, some areas are crowded during certain times of the year, and some not. I can tell you the head waters of the Kansas were almost empty last year with little water, but I was still on 3-5 birds a day. This year is to crowded.
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Re: How's the duck hunting in Kansas?

Postby TBS » Tue Dec 10, 2013 10:59 am

If you take the number of acres of public water in KS and divide it by the number of hunters, it makes KS one of the most overcrowded states in the entire country. Obviously there are more duck hunters in AR and TX, but they have much more public wetlands and are more spread out. In this state, the quality of hunting is directly impacted by the number of hunters on public waters. When the pressure was minimal, hunting opportunities were good. Now that everybody's become a duck hunter, and KS has decided to advertise and market to the rest of the nation, our quality days are few and far between. Like any state, if you can gain access to private lands, your odds of success go up tremendously. Unfortunately in my area, even the private spots that hold birds are becoming crowded or getting leased up. Its a sad day to be a duck hunter in KS, I'm afraid to say.

Some will come on here with a different opinion, I'm just sharing mine as I once knew the good ole days. :crying:
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Re: How's the duck hunting in Kansas?

Postby mudpack » Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:05 pm

lsuengineer wrote:What's the situation in Kansas? Is it crowded?

When the ducks are here, the good spots are well-known...and well-used. There are very few secrets in this state; if ducks are using an area, so are the hunters...especially on public water, but also on private. And there are very few spots in Kansas that you can't drive to within a mile of...which makes scouting pretty easy and everyone knows what is happening on any given day.

lsuengineer wrote:Can you hunt private land after getting permission?

Well, yeah. Unless you have a good reason for NOT hunting it, like you have a handicap, or the access is too muddy, etc..

You'd probably get more use out of the kayaks on most public waterfowl areas, instead of the outboard....unless you are on some of the very good reservoirs. In fact, there are public areas where power boats are forbidden.

If you are coming up with your uncle during the deer season, you may find that the water is pretty easy to walk on. Earlier in the season would give you a better chance at some waterfowl. Good luck to you.
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