Getting permission

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Getting permission

Postby Mallyard » Mon Aug 01, 2005 1:13 pm

Have you guys noticed lately how hard it is to get permission on private property?
I scouted potential ponds a few days back, got about 12 ponds that looked like they might hold ducks during season. I sat down this morning and spent over an hour calling land owners, not one person gave me permission. I also know a guy that used to let people hunt his property with no second thought, now he won't let anyone hunt it. No matter if he gave you permission years ago and treated his land with the utmost respect. I don't have the money to lease all these ponds for 100 bucks a peice, and land owners don't seem to egar to let you help them with chores around their place for hunting/fishing rights to there property. I don't know what I'm going to do. Guess I'll have to stick with the public hunting and fight all the weekend warriors and people that are just out there to have a few beers with the guys. UUGGGHHH :pissed:

I'm upset.

Aim for their lips...
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Postby Fatweed » Thu Aug 11, 2005 6:12 pm

I wouldnt call... its better to ask in person... that way the get an eyeball on yah..... for the last couple of years,,, ive bought those cheap walmart camo ballcaps...and glue a turkey feather to em... kinda corny...but If someone has given me permission to hunt,and a few weeks later, i say it taint much but i gotta little present for ya and givem the hat... Everyone ive given away they look surprised and appreciate it... and i get to go back.... Not eveyone has given me permission but i get about 50% at least,,and now ive got about probably 25 ponds or about 50 sq miles to scout...and speakin of findin myself drivin the back roads all dang ready...and sweatin my butt off in this heat heheehe,,but gettin antsy for the birds again...hehehehe... Uhhhhhhh the caps only cost me $2.50 a piece and i buy about 4 to 6 at a time...dunno if im gettin a reputation or people callin me sayin hey come hunt my place for a hat....but,,, who knows... it dont hurt and makes me feel like im tryin to be a rich guy anwyay...LOL...Lord knows im not rich....or wanna be....LOL..... Im rich in spirit tho...heheh got almost all i want ceptin fer a few more guns,,,a good dog....and a nice beat up old boat.....hehehehehe...
I allready got all the old huntin trucks i need... *S*.....
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