Couple Of Past Hunts

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Couple Of Past Hunts

Postby BlueGooseTN » Wed Jan 11, 2006 6:50 pm

(All Hunts In Fulton County KY)

Last Saturday: We normaly dont get after the snows until snow goose conservation order, but there are so many of the things here already we could not resist. We hunted a corn stubble field, 8 guys, we set out about 350 snow goose windsocks, GHG Fullbodies & GHG Shells, and hid in Avery Finishers.We killed 9 ducks early, then starting killin Specks, and then after the sun go up we put the smack down on some snows.
Days totals, 9 ducks, 7 specks, and 39 snows.

Last Sunday: A buddy of mine called me up and said he had an awsome pass shooting spot on one of his leases. I met up with him in Hickman Ky and drove 10 miles to the east right on the Mississippi river levvy. He said there will be about 75,000 ducks get of this little slough. So we put out 3 dozen GHG FB mallards and got in our finishers, we were in a wheat field and there was a slough about 40 yrs in front of us( the roost). We had our limits of GreenHeads in abou 20 Min. Great little hunt, funnest hunt i have been on in a while.

This afternoon: After school some buddies and I hit a little farm pond out in the middle of a huge corn field, We put out 1 dozen GHG mallard floaters and 2 GHG Canada Goose Fullbodies and hid on the bank of the pond (the depest part of the pond is 4 Feet). We ended up spookin 3 geese on our way in. But ended up with 4 Honkers and 1 drake Mallard.
Geese decoyed well and we had our geese by 4 oclock so we thought we would head to one of our buddies houses in Obion County Tn (South Fulton Tn)... We got over there and startin chattin, and heard quite a few geese to to south of us we found another pond with about 300 Canada honkers, most of them were probably some of the resident geese, that loaf on ponds and feed in the huge corn fields. We ended up finding the owner and gettin permission to hunt it 2morrow afternoon.. Sounds promising !!!

Go Avery & Go GHG Decoys !!!!!
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Postby kyduck » Wed Jan 11, 2006 7:31 pm

sounds I should be there with you guys. :mrgreen:
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