How does Ballard drawn hunts work?

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How does Ballard drawn hunts work?

Postby hunt-4-life21 » Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:40 pm

Some of my hunting buddies and myself are going to look into putting in for the draw on Ballard for next year and they had asked me a bunch of questions that I didn't have an answer to. I know they usually draw sometime in September, but when do you have a deadline to apply and when will you find out if you are drawn or not? One of my buddies has to know in advance for a good while because of his job. Also, when you register for the draw does it cost anything, or is it like the stand by hunts and you pay $15 for everytime you hunt? I've never been down there to hunt and I know its kind of hit or miss. I'm just looking to get out of central Kentucky for a little while with the hunting buddies and get away for a while. Kinda like a guys trip away from the girlfriend and maybe kill a few ducks here and there. Thanks
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Re: How does Ballard drawn hunts work?

Postby ChevyKYfowler24 » Fri Mar 18, 2011 5:46 pm

well as it seems strange i've hunted there for a few years now and haven't put in for the reservation hunts. my buddies have and only have had luck getting the days they apllied for. you will go to the kentucky wildlife website and then youll want to find the link that takes you to the reservations. they typically start the applications in september couldn't give you exact dates, just be sure to pay attention to the state website for updates on it. then you will filll out all the information, the dates you want to apply for ina advance. if you get drawed then you are garunteed a blind. i believe it cost $4 in advance to apply online. you will know if you get drawed for your specific days sometime in october or early november.
if anybody that knows a little more than i do please correct me. like i said i don't do the early reservations but im just trying to help
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