Coyote Hunting

Post now and share useful Kentucky duck hunting information. A few topics of discussion would be public hunting land in Kentucky, local techniques, and much more.

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Coyote Hunting

Postby teamoutlaw » Tue Feb 12, 2008 4:09 pm

Just was going to see who all on here coyote hunts. me and buddy are going to hunt them some here soon. we already went once and didnt have any success calling one in that afternoon. just wandered who on here coyote hunts.
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Postby adowning » Wed Feb 13, 2008 6:33 pm

:thumbsup: they are fun to hunt just have patience and get some kind of decoy
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Postby magnum12 » Thu Feb 14, 2008 5:51 pm

Also a good time to go is right when they just had their pups and are looking for food. For us here on the west coast we have the best of luck calling in the months of March and April. Last year I was on a turkey hunt in March, found a coyote sleeping and called him in but missed because he saw me at the last sec. The next morning went back to the same place and called for about 15 mins and he came right back to me. Needless to say I did not miss that time. :thumbsup:

I am going out this weekend and will see what I can call in and like adowning said, they are fun to hunt but have a lot of patience. Also you will want to wear good camo and if alone back up to a big tree or rock so one cannot sneak up behind you and always watch your back.
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Postby Booney3721 » Fri Apr 11, 2008 10:18 pm

Mainly in thick stuff right now..killedo ne while turkey COUGH COUGH scouting but nayways wear good camo, have good calls and dont let them try and swing around behind u...set up a decoy about 5 yards in front of u so tht way theyll circle aorund behind it and u cna get a God shot...ALso watch out when there hungary u may run into about 7-8 in one and one of my buddies hunted out of a box blind once this year and we had about 10 come out and dissapered couldnt get a shot and htt is a scary situation at time cuase there hungary and crazy enough to attack if u aint careful
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