LA trip?

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LA trip?

Postby whaknstak » Sat Dec 17, 2011 6:12 pm

Hey boys,

Looking at possibly makin a trip over to your part of the world. Im in tallahassee, fl and want to try some new water. I frequent the fl forums quite often, and hunt 3x+ a week. My post is to maybe get a little info on public water open to hunting, maybe unique regs not easily found, types of waterfowl in that area, anything like that. Nothing specific, just general ideas. I can take it from there. Im a huge proponent of do it yourself, and will do my own scouting before hitting the water to hunt. Just need little kind advice to point me in the right direction. I got a 14 ft v hull and longtail with scissor blind. Shooting for a three day weekend. Feel free to pm me as i know info of local water is not freely given. If you ever wanna swap a hunt, or are ever in the panhandle I would certainly reciprocate the favor.

Thanks in advance,

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