Looking for blind / lease for 2012-13 Season

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Looking for blind / lease for 2012-13 Season

Postby smokin.quack » Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:02 am

My younger brother and I are looking to lease a blind, or find a lease where we can build a blind, or even set up in grassy/brushy edges. We are in the lafayette area, and looking for something within 45 minutes to an hour drive. Timber preferably, or rice, flooded soybeans, whatever. We are both very ethical hunters, and are willing to join an individual or pair with any extra seats, or even a club. We both work 24/7 on call, start to finish of a job, so we may even only be able to hunt a handful, being gone days to weeks at a time. But the peace of mind in having a guaranteed place on days off is worth the money now, so here we are. If anyone has any openings, or knows of any, shoot me an email or pm. We've duck hunted since we were about 4 yrs old, well sat in the blind at 4, shooting at 5 or 6 lol, but fairly experienced nonetheless. 30 & 27 if it matters. I am married with a 3 yr old, who turns 4 this coming July, and really want a place I can start taking him this upcoming season or the next. Especially since my wife's been saying she'll start hunting when he does, lol! Maybe she'll get the bug and lighten up on me?
Thanks in advance, and hope everyone is enjoying their season.
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