need some late season advice

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need some late season advice

Postby Marshwalker » Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:42 pm

Well im getting desperate at this point. I messed up my arm back in late october and havent been able to hunt up untill 2 weeks ago. I have some rice and bean fields out in gueydan and did well on the 4 hunts ive made. Of course we waited all season for the rain because it was dry as a bone but now we have to much water and supposed to be getting 14 inches in next couple of days, and we will most likely get flooded out . Of course this wouldnt be a problem if Gueydan area held ducks but they are very few and spotty. Not even worth setting up to hunt ducks. Other day we shot 6 specks, 1 mottle and 1 greenhead. 10 years ago you couldnt shoot enough ducks out there. Anyways guys im looking for some public areas in south LA i could check out. I know im not asking anyone for a honey hole but an area i could get to in pirogue or bateau with out board. Couple years ago i scouted out North farm in Sherburne for deer and saw some ducks but not sure if north farm is strictly deer hunting. I showed up to do lottery hunt at south farm last thursday and there were 90 people waiting and didnt make the cut. A buddy of mine told me to check out old river over by morganza. I have always goose hunted and occasionaly go to grand chenier to duck hunt but they are having a very poor season. This season has not turned out what i planned except for the two weeks i was able to shoot some geese. Im headed back to school late next week to finish my last semester and was hoping for some advice from some fellow hunters. Thanks in advance.
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need some late season advice

Postby T-TOP » Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:38 am

Sabine WMA, south of hackberry. I know those guys have been doing very well. But it's a battle zone Out there. Flat boat and pirogue needed.
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Re: need some late season advice

Postby D Comeaux » Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:54 am

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