End of first season

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End of first season

Postby southbistineau » Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:42 am

Well yesterday was the end of my first season of duck hunting. Hunted Lake Bistineau and went to the river twice. Some things that I learned:

1. My buddy and me built one floating blind and moved it around. Blind hunting was fun but the real success came when we started using waders and really picking up and moving around. Wader hunting was my favorite.
2. More decoys was never best for us except out on the open lake. Ended up using no more than a dozen.
3. Shooting got a lot better as the season went on. But I still had times of "how in the heck did I miss that shot???"
4. Ducks really do get call shy. Motion in the water was the most important thing.
5. Duck hunting can get real expensive if you let it.
6. I had so much fun every trip, even when we didn't shoot much. Saw and experienced God's beauty that most of the home bodies don't even know exist.
7. And the controversial belief - there are too many people that set up multiple blinds all over public land trying to claim every hole. There are guys that have 4 or more blinds scattered about. Then they don't hunt the blinds. You want to respect others and blinds, etc. but you also want to be able to hunt, too. By the end of the season I felt like having one blind out that we weren't using was wrong.
8. I'm already thinking about what we will do next year and how we are going to do it. Yes, I am addicted to quack!
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Re: End of first season

Postby mattstin » Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:59 am

Good post man...I had a pretty good season here too. Struck out completely on my farm in Clarendon, AR and resorted to a small tract of private land in South Bossier with a little pond and creek. Small pond and creek ended up producing multiple limits, every day of every weekend.

I didn't learn too many new things, mainly just reminders -

1. Not about the size of the land or water, all about being where they want to be, when they want to be there. (coming from 600 acre flooded rice/bean fields to a hole in the wall down the street from the house)

2. No matter what electronic, battery draining, wing flappin, water shooting decoys they come out with, NOTHING will ever beat a jerk cord.

3. If you didn't hit that 100 MPH woodduck on the first shot, put the damn gun down until the next one comes through.

4. Soft or no calling at all works wonders. Hard not to pick up the call when you are feeling good, letting it ring through the timber, but it would leave me second guessing myself if that certain group headed for the ozone.

5. ALWAYS carry a gun when picking up ducks, too many times I got in the pirogue to go pick up, and had woodies and a few gadwall falling in right on top of me when I was empty handed.

6. I'm sure I could think of more, but last not least...Hard to beat Diamond Shamrock biscuits and gravy at 5 a.m.
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